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Suntoucher is a character drawn by Wendy Pini and designed by WaRP graphics. He first appears in EQ number Two.

He has long ago lost his vision, in his plan to see the visions held within the sun. Suntoucher is a mystic astronomer, and Sun-Village is the ideal place for him to hone his attention. He is adept at sensing nature's role in the passage of tiem, and also quite capable of sensing danger.

Economy of Sun-Village

Suntoucher guided the Sun Villagers into a golden age of home-economy. Their womb-shaped village is completely selfsufficient thanks to Suntoucher's dutiful watchcare.

Village Elder

Suntoucher is Leetah's dad, who herself is aged more than 600 annual years. He was also Rayek's first teacher. Each morning, Suntoucher leaves the village of Sorrows End, and walks to the top of the mesa to greet the sun. There is a narrow bridge between one part of this mountain and a neighboring precipice. On this mountain is the emblem of the sun, the most sacred concept of the oasis-dwelling tribe. This is the spot where Cutter overcomes his fear of heights, and subdues Rayek's challenge with finality, winning the chance to court Leetah.

It is said that Suntoucher has the ability to "touch with his mind", and his blindness is by no means a limitation. He "sees" the very moment that Cutter and his daugter Leetah conceived twins. His main duty is to foresee a prosperous and abundant future for the self-maintenance and self-perpetuation of his tribe.

Because the village is so far from the forest and plains region that the humans prefer, Suntoucher has led the Sun Villagers into a golden generation of peace, harmony, and friendliness. This was a splendor and bliss that did not sustain itself eternally on world of two moons. Later, the sun folk would contend with humans with technology, and they were virtually wiped out from the face of their world.


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