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    Suntop, now known as Sunstream, is a powerful member of the Wolfriders. He is the son of Cutter and Leetah, and the twin brother of Ember.

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    Suntop was created by Wendy and Richard Pini, the creative team behind ElfQuest. In the "Who's Who" (of elfquest), the creators say "Children are rare enough in the world of elfQuest, and twins even more so, so these two (Suntop & Ember) are special - and in more ways than one. ... Suntop is possessed of a magical sensitivity."


    Suntop was born to Cutter, Chief of the Wolfriders, and his lifemate, the healer Leetah. His twin sister Ember shares a strong connection and who becomes Chieftess of the twelfth generation of Wolfriders. Suntop was named for his butter-yellow hair which he inherited from his paternal grandmother, Joyleaf.

    It is said that while in the womb his sister called the wolf blood of her father's people to her while Suntop attracted his mother's magic talents. Suntop spent his first few years in the Sun Village, also known as Sorrow's End. At seven years, Ember, Leetah, and Suntop would return to the forest, and whereas Ember immediately felt at home, Suntop preferred his desert oasis of Sorrow's End. He has a certain loneliness about him, almost as if he is too sensitive for his own good.

    Ultimate Sending Powers

    Suntop may very well be the most telepathic and sensitive elf on the World of Two Moons. In EQ #20, he and the Wolfriders enter the Palace of the The High-Ones. His "magic feelings" (as he calls them) alert him to nearby sources of magic, or can tell him if something has been manipulated by magic, and on this occasion, he is able to recite the entire saga of how the High Ones (an extraterrestrial race) descended to the World of Two Moons. His mentor, Savah, believes that one day his powers will grow to the point where all elves will be connected spiritually through him. Savah observes, while faraway, that the spirit of all elves speaks through him. Here, Winnowill also remarked "the Child ... is the link."

    Recently, Suntop was able to cleanse a pool of evil magic that was once responsible for the deaths of his grandparents many centuries before. For this Cutter renamed him Suntream. He has retained his youthful appearance even in adulthood, a fact he often tries to compensate for. Sunstream has also been recognized with Brill, a New Wavedancer. Recognition is an undeniable mating urge that guarantees a healthy and gifted offspring. It joins the souls of the Recognized parents and some view lifemating as the next logical step for the pair (though there are regular and notable exceptions to it).


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