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    Sundra Peale, a spy from The Cohesive Web of Planets, was sent to the moon of Ylum to gather intelligence on the Horatio Hellpop Nexus. Sundra fell in love with him and became his long-time partner.

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    Sundra Peale was a spy for The Web, based on Earth. She was sent to the fledgling 'planet' of Ylum to spy on Nexus, whose father had been sent many years earlier. The Web, concerned that the senior Hellpop and erstwhile general had failed in his mission and now saw the junior Hellpop paving the way for a planet whose interests might conflict with its own, sent Sundra to spy, under the cover of being a reporter. She quickly failed in her mission as well, falling for Nexus first as a lover, then as a love.

    Like Nexus' father, The Web decided that Sundra now needed someone to check up on her - but this time it would not be an underling, it would be Sundra's boss Ursula X.X. Imada. Under the guise of the ambassador to Ylum, Ursula also seduced Nexus (becoming pregnant in the process with Sheena and Scarlett), setting up a long-ongoing rivalry with Sundra. This completed Sundra's transformation from Web spy to Ylum citizen and Nexus confidante, and the two have been together since, finally having a baby of their own (with perhaps comics' longest pregnancy as the book left Dark Horse Comics and did not find a new publisher until recently, when Steve Rude took on the publishing duties with his own label.

    Sundra possesses no powers, but has been rigorously trained as a spy, so she excels in hand-to-hand combat, light weapons and general spycraft. She is also an astute businessperson, having founded her own company (selling 'solar gliders') and being a general entrepreneur. She has also served as an unofficial ambassador and/or attache for Ylum, along with Dave Maccabee


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