Sun Lubbers

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    Pirate crew led by All-Beard

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    Very little is known about the Sun Lubbers. A crew of subway pirates, they at some point captured their own train, and coalesced under the leadership of the pirate captain All-Beard. The Sun Lubbers haunted the subway tunnels below New York, leading occasional raids on subway platforms, and waging bloody feuds against the other pirate crews.


    The Sun Lubbers were created by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart. They made their first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Guardian #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Lead by All-Beard, the Sun Lubbers attack a subway station to kill the pirate Soapy, who had recently been attacked by the Dead Dogs and had a valuable map stolen from him. During the attack they also take several slaves, including the Guardian's girlfriend Carla. Fleeing into the tunnels they head for the Foundation Stone, a fabled treasure rumoured to grant whoever held it mastery over destiny and rulership over the under-pirates. They are pursued and attacked by the Dead Dogs and the Guardian, causing both trains to crash at Dead Man's Junction. As a result of the fighting and the crash, almost all of the pirates die.


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