Sun Gun

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    The Sun-Gun was commissioned by Pope Innocent XLII to block out the sun.

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    Major Story Arcs

    God and the Devil

    The Sun-Gun is first created by Pope Innocent XLII, who is secretly a vampire. He creates it to destroy, or at least block out, the sun, so that vampires can live freely on Earth.

    It is built in secrecy by Innocent's lackey, Elmer Kittenclaws. The Sun-Gun is powered by 600 tons of bananas.

    Innocent is about to use the Sun-Gun at the height of the Easter celebration when a simultaneous attack by Eppy Thatcher, an army of rogue vampires led by Pellon Cross, and another army led by Orion Assante destroys it. The Sun-Gun gets off one blast, which destroys Innocent XLII.

    Devil's Reign

    Years later, Orion is the Grendel Khan, ruler of much of the Earth. He is under great stress by the few remaining powers not under his rule. At last, he has a team of scientists build a Sun Disc, a satellite that is capable of blasting enormous solar energy onto a focused area. He uses the Sun Disc to destroy the empire of Great Japan, and consolidates the rest of the world under his power.

    War Child

    Orion eventually dies and his widow, Laurel Kennedy, takes over, as his son is too young. In a series of complications, Kennedy's minister Heath takes over from her. He wants to use the Sun Disc to consolidate his own shaky rule, but Orion took out some of the Sun Disc's technology and Heath's scientists can't figure out how to make it work. Finally Grendel Prime, who was created by Orion and imbued with the final firing technology for the Sun Disc, breaks in and uses the Sun Disc to destroy Heath's main communication satellite. Orion's true heir, Jupiter, is then able to take over his rightful throne.


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