Sun Girl

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    Selah Burke is the daughter of the super villain Edward Lansky (Lightmaster). She is a young heroine that took on the mantle of "Sun Girl" and operates as a member of the New Warriors.

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    Sun Girl
    Sun Girl

    Selah Burke is the daughter of former Empire State University professor Edward Lanksy, (also known as the super villain "Lightmaster") She is a young woman who splits her time as a college student and super-heroine. Selah utilizes light based gadgets and weaponry, designed by her father, and the code name "Sun Girl" to fight crime. She accredits Spider Man as the biggest inspiration for becoming a hero.


    Sun Girl was created by Christopher Yost and David Lopez.

    Major Story Arcs

    Superior Spider-Man Team-Up

    Sun Girl first appeared attempting to combat the Superior Spider-Man. She was infected by a virus (just as many other heroes were) after making contact with William Allen. The Superior Spider-Man fought against her and healed her from the virus. The "superior" Spider-Man is really Doctor Octopus who (unbeknownst to Sun Girl) placed his mind inside Peter Parker's body and is imposing as Spider-Man. He had been fighting other heroes infected by the virus all day, and eventually crossed paths with Sun Girl.

    She later attempted to stop the Wrecking Crew from robbing a company called "Alchemax." She was quickly outnumbered until Superior Spider-Man showed up with his new team, the "Superior Six" ("reformed" version of the Sinister Six). They began to assist Sun Girl in combating the Wrecking Crew, who eventually escaped after knocking her unconscious. When she awoke, she found herself in Superior Spider-Man's hideout and he then began to question where she got her technology from. Apparently, she tells him and then ventures home.

    The next day, Selah awakes in her apartment. She goes to a few classes and then contacts her father, who informs her that he was in the midst of doing something important (most likely villianry). Later, she grabs her light-suit and goes on patrol. While on patrol, Sun Girl encounters the Wrecking Crew and the new Masters of Evil. The Superior Spider-Man arrives to the scene with his "Superior Six," and Sun Girl joins them in fighting against the Masters of Evil. The leader of the Masters of Evil arrives and revealed himself to be Lightmaster.

    Selah immediately recognized her father and was able to intercept his powerful light based attack with her own light blast, which knocked everyone unconscious. When she awoke shortly after, she realized that the Superior Spider-Man (and her father) had been captured by the Superior Six. The members of the Superior Six were initially brainwash by the Superior Spider-Man and had broken free of his control when Sun Girl and Lightmaster clashed. Sun Girl then manages to save her father and the Superior Spider-Man from danger. With the knowledge of Superior Spider-Man brainwashing the Sinister Six, Sun Girl gains a reformed and indifferent opinion towards Spider-Man being her hero.

    Powers and Abilities


    Sun Girl is an average human who possess no superhuman abilities. Instead, she utilizes a series of light-based weaponry and gadgets. She wears a special power suit and harness that allows her to fly and grants her enough durability to resist multiple attacks from the Wrecking Crew. She wields a pair of dual pistols, capable of blasting concussive beams. The guns can also be used to blind her enemies.


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