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The character called Sun Emperor first appeared in Century Comic #78-The Capture of Superman! He was created by Curt Swan, George Klein, and Jerry Siegel.


Original Continuity: New Earth

Death by Heat Exhaustion
Death by Heat Exhaustion

Nigal Douglous was sent to a juvenile reform center after he attacked and killed a small alien that he had mistaken for a dog. He was considered too young for a trial, but was determined to be dangerous enough to stay at the center for quite some time.

At the center he met and fell in love with Reise Teylor, a brilliant biochemist. After their release, Reise performed illegal experiments on Douglas, changing him into a superhuman capable of absorbing ambient solar energy and releasing it as intense flame. Unfortunately, the experiments also affected Douglas's mind, and he started calling himself Sun Emperor before killing Reise.

Sun Emperor joined the Legion of Super-Villains after Tarik the Mute was imprisoned, and has continued to serve on the team ever since, even at one point leading the team.

Powers and Abilities

Sun Emperor can absorb, store, and release large amounts of “solar flame”, while being immune to heat and flame himself . He can release an omni-directional burst of exploding flame around himself, a power he has used to reduce an entire village.


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200 lbs

Eyes: Blue (glowing with fiery energy)

Hair: Auburn-Red


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