Character » Sumo appears in 24 issues.

    An escapee from Arkham Asylum.

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    Little is known about Sumo at present. He first appears in the pages of Resurrection Man.

    Sumo doesn't appear to have any super powers, but uses his massive size and weight to subdue his enemies.

    Major Story Arcs

    Resurrection Man

    For more information see: Locked In

    During Mitch Shelley's escape from Arkham Asylum, Sumo grabs hold of Mitch and snaps his neck.

    Forever Evil: Arkham War

    For more information see: Forever Evil

    When the Crime Syndicate cuts the power and frees the Arkham Inmates, Sumo quickly joins the Inmates and attacks Blackgate Penitentiary along with many of the other inmates. There Sumo takes down Tweedledee and Tweedledum almost single-handedly.

    Then later when the war spills out onto the streets, Sumo takes down Reaper, but when he tries to take down the Talon, who Bane has enlisted, Sumo is burned badly by a misfired fireball from Firefly.

    Sumo soon recovers and is present at Scarecrow's meeting where he and other former inmates are infected by Venom. Sumo and the now super-strong inmates go after Bane directly. Although Sumo is seen with the group at Black Gate when they first confront Bane, he is not seen later when Bane finally beats the Inmates back at Arkham.

    Ether way it can be assumed that Sumo loose his venom powered Super-strength, although her already posses strength.


    For more information see: Icarus


    Sumo doesn't appear to have any super powers, but uses his massive size and weight to subdue his enemies.


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