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Descended from two of the most famous Mutant bloodlines in history the Summer-Frost twins were the second and and third children born to Scott and Emma Summers.

Summer-Frost Family
Summer-Frost Family

They also were born into great wealth thanks to their mothers wealth from business both built and acquired. They also have membership to the Hellfire Club due to their mother being a former Queen.

They grew up in a time when danger had all but been forgotten from the lives of the X-Men. They were always close growing up and soon welcomed baby brother Alex Jr.

About a year after Alex was born the girls got their first glimpse of what life was really like for an X-man. While spending time with the Lebeau family they were kidnapped by Gambit and brought to Mr. Sinister. Once there they followed the orders of their big sister Megan and Oli.

They manged to trick the guards into releasing them and quickly ganged up on said guard. They were then rescued by Gambit and chased down by the guards. Later still they were teleported to a deserted town and had to fight off cybernetic dogs.

After this they were saved and returned to their father. Once things returned to normal they resumed the life of mutant heiresses. It is unknown if they are enrolled in the Xavier Institute run by their parents, though it would seem so.


Their powers were never revealed.

Skills and abilities

They have been trained in unarmed combat from an early age by X-men members such as X-23 and Beast.

Distinguishing features

Both girls have their fathers brown hair and brown eyes and freckles.

Physical characteristics

  • Height: 5'5
  • Weight: unknown
  • Hair Color: Brown naturally (died blonde)
  • Eye Color: Brown

To tell them Apart

As children one twin had longer hair than the other, as adults one appears to have the same color blond hair as Emma and Megan, the other a darker shade of blond.

Summer- Frost Twins Status

Known Relatives: Frost linage

Winston Frost (Grandfather, deceased), Hazel Frost (Grandmother, deceased), Cordelia Frost (Aunt, Status unknown), Adrienne Frost (Aunt, deceased), Christian Frost (Uncle, status unknown), Steven Frost uncle(deceased);

Celeste Cuckoo, Phoebe Cuckoo, Mindee Cuckoo (sisters), Esme Cuckoo and Sophie Cuckoo (sisters, deceased), Thousands of unnamed cloned sisters (deceased), Alex Summers jr. (brother), Megan Summers (sister)

Known Relatives: Summers linage

Daniel Summers (Ancestor, deceased), Philip Summers (Great grandfather ,deceased), Deborah Summers (Great grandmother, deceased), Christopher Summers/ Corsair (Grand father ,deceased), Katherine-ann Summers (Grandmother, deceased), Alex Summers/ Havok (uncle, deceased), Annie Ghazikhanian-Summers (aunt, deceased), Carter Ghazikhanian (cousin, deceased).

Nathan Christopher Charles Summers/ Cable (half-brother, deceased),Nate Grey/ X-Man (half-brother, deceased), Rachel Summers/Phoenix III (half-sister, deceased), Stryfe (Cloned half-brother, deceased).

  • Citizenship: United States
  • Place of Birth: unknown
  • Marital Status: Unknown
  • Occupation: Heiresses


Neither girl has ever been named on panel or otherwise


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