Summer Pickens

    Character » Summer Pickens appears in 24 issues.

    A runaway girl who travels with Miguel Montez, sharing the H-Dial with him.

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    Summer grew up admiring her father, but when she was a child her father was arrested. Her mother forced Summer to participate in beauty pageants, which ended with Summer having a strained relationship with her mother.

    Tired of that life, Summer decided to run away from her home, but police soon found her and brought her back home. This didn't stop Summer, who during the next years attempted to escape from home, earning a bad reputation because of this.

    One night she attempted to steal a food truck ran by Miguel Montez's uncle to use it to escape. She crossed paths with Miguel, whom she met and befriend before, and helped him escape from the Thunderbolt Club, an organization of people addicted to the power of the H-Dial.

    They decided to escape to Metropolis, using the power of the dial whenever the situation was needed, in the hopes of finding more answers about the dial. They gained an intership in the Daily Planet, although the friendship become strained, as Summer became worried about Miguel's obsession with the power of the H-Dial.

    With the help of Snarper Carr and Robbie Redd, both teens started to look for the other dials that Mr. Thunder was looking for, sadly the villain was able to tempt Miguel into joining his cause and steal the other dials.

    Summer was able to convince him and together they were able to stop Mr. Thunder's plot, returning to Metropolis.


    Like many users of the H-Dial, Summer is able to transform into a super-hero, although unlike the majority of the users, Summer was usually able to transform repeatedly times into Lo Lo Kick You, a punk rock musician themed super-hero.


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