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    Character » Summer Gleeson appears in 38 issues.

    Summer Gleeson is the news reporter at Gotham Live and was seen frequently throughout Batman:The Animated Series and The Batman Adventures comic book.

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    On Batman The Animated Series.

    Summer Gleeson appeared frequently throughout the series as a news reporter. Often reporting on crimes committed by various supervillains.

    Christmas with the Joker

    Summer's first appearance on the show was on 'Christmas with the Joker', in the episode Joker kidnaps her, Commissioner James Gordon and Harvey Bullock as part Joker's own Christmas celebration. Batman and Robin set out o find the Joker. However, the Joker has an ace up his sleeve. He has set up several traps all over Gotham. He first blows up a train tracks so that an oncoming train will fall off a cliff, Summer Gleeson "..but my mother is on that train!". After stopping the train from falling off the cliff, Joker shows that he has a massive laser canon aimed at Gotham to fire at anywhere he wants. Batman and Robin heads there (Gotham Observatory) and the canon changes it's aim towards Batman. While Batman is distracting Joker, Robin enters the observatory and faces a machine gun cardboard Jokers , Robin takes care of them and destroys the canon with an explosive Batarang. As Joker continues to broadcast over Gotham, Batman observes the background and deduces that the Joker is at an abandoned Toy factory. There Batman confronts Joker who offers Batman a gift wrapped in the parcel. Despite Robin's objections, Batman opens and a pie slams into Batman's face. Batman and Joker fight and eventually the Joker is captured.

    Night of the Ninja

    One of Bruce Wayne's old friends 'Kyodi Ken' returns to Gotham to settle an old rivalry with Bruce Wayne. After several brief fights with both Batman and Robin, Kyodi figures out that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same. So he kidnaps Bruce Wayne along with Summer Gleeson and Batman is forced to fight Kyodi without revealing his secret to Summer.

    Comic Book Appearances

    Summer has appeared more than once in the comic book adaptation of The Animated Series called The Batman Adventures. In one issue, a bank robber called the Invisible Man is about. The Invisible Man is not truly invisible rather a large, obese man who disappears after each robbery leaving no trace. Summer and her cameraman were out looking for a story when Batman confronts the Invisible Man who takes him down with one punch. Summer and her camera man try to follow the Invisible man, the cameraman goes into one alley and Summer into another. She sees a gang beating up a man and runs away when the gang leader orders his men to go after her. She runs and bumps into a handsome blond young man. He beats up the bad guys with ease and the two share an awkward moment before the man runs away. He accidentally drops his rose and Summer keeps it as a souvenir.

    Meanwhile, Batman is relentlessly searching for the Invisible Man and finds no evidence of him anywhere, "it's like he doesn't even exist". At Summer's office, she is about to leave when the man she mat last night calls her he asks her out on a date at a restaurant. At a Gotham City Bank, the Invisible Man is stealing all of the cash, when Batman arrives. The two have a rematch and Batman attaches a tracer onto the Invisible Man. He punches Batman into a cupboard and leaves but Batman simply smiles. At the restaurant, the blonde man is waiting for Summer when the waiter tells him that there is a phone for him. He answers it but no one was there. Suddenly a rope loops around him and drags him outside and into an alley.

    Batman tells him that it was a good plan, "the hulking physique, the ugly face, every cop had that image burnt into their brain but when they turn an alley, whose going to notice an old woman, a little boy or a handsome young man, I know who you are.....Clay ace". The man's body transforms into Clayface and the two fight. Clayface gets the upperhand when Summer passes that alley and sees Clayface. She screams and Clayface tells her "no..please..." and Batman jumps at Clayface. He uses a powerful sound-wave emitter on his belt. It knocks out Clayface as the police arrive.

    At the conclusion, Summer asks Batman whether he had seen the handsome, blonde young man and Batman tells her that the person she saw was never here, as the rose in Summer's office begins to disintegrate.


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