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When The Gaang visit Kyoshi Island because Aang wanted to ride the large fish. The three (Aang, Katara and Sokka) are captured by Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors. After they find out that Aang is the Avatar, they welcome him.

Later, Sokka goes to Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors and asks Suki to train him in the ways of the warrior. Suki accepts him as her student, and makes him wear the traditional Kyoshi Warrior outfit. After training, Kyoshi Island is attacked by Prince Zuko and his soldiers. After a bit of fighting, Sokka and Suki share an intermite moment, and then continue fighting. Sokka then leaves, and Suki isn't seen for a while.

In the second season, Suki is seen without her make-up, she and the other Kyoshi Warriors assisting the refuges. She then assists the Gaang in crossing the Serpant's Pass, and she and Sokka kiss.

Later, she and the Kyoshi Warriors find Appa and clean and feed him. They are then attacked by Ozai's Angels, who do manage to out match them.

Suki's fate is revealed in "The Day of Black Sun: Part 2", where Princess Azula tells Sokka that she enjoyed hearing Suki screaming his name.

When Zuko and Sokka recently invaded the Boiling Rock prison, they found Suki there. When Sokka went to visit her in her cell, she mistakenly punched him in the gut hen he tried to kiss her, but then when she realizes who he is, they hug. She, Sokka, Chit Sang and Zuko begin planning an escape plan. They are about to escape in a cooler that stops heat, but Sokka hears the possibility that his father is arriving at the prison, and Sokka, Suki and Zuko stay.

When they finally see Hakoda, they all begin to devise a new plan. The plan is that they take the gondola that the guards use to bring prisoners in to escape, and use a hostage to make sure they don't cut the line. To do this they had to start a distraction, which a recaptured Chit Sang manages to do. But, the gang don't know how to capture their hostage (the Warden), but as Zuko and Sokka fight about this, Suki puts her own plan into action. She jumps on the heads of the rioting prisoners, scales a wall backflips onto a floor above using her feet, disables several guards, scales another wall, disables several other guards, and captures the Warden, all without tiring (the males slowly catch up, tired). They begin to escape in the gondola, but are chased by Azula and Ty lee, and Suki mentions that she's been waiting for this re-match. When the two pursuers catch up, Suki battles Ty Lee, and after an evenly matched fight, the two villains bail as the prison guards begin to cut the gondola line. Luckily, the guards are defeated by Mai, and Suki escapes with the others.


Suki has displayed great weapon use and acrobatic prowess.She also display excellent combat.In episode The boiling rock Suki had also show that she is able to scale walls.


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