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Thomas didn't start out with a squeaky clean past like his fellows. No, his early years saw him getting involved with a less than ideal crowd, one that wasn't on the up and up. Exactly what Thomas had to do with these folks has yet to be revealed; he may have been a gang member as a youth, involved in various illicit activities, or he might have just been friends with kids who were.

Regardless, Thomas eventually cleaned his act up, and went to college after he graduated from high school. There, he got into football big time (as opposed to the simple high school play he took part in before), and eventually got himself a nice, cushy job as a running back for the New York Smashers, an up and coming NFL team that was going places. Things were definitely looking up for the man.

Thomas got along rather well with his teammates, and became particularly good pals with Jack 'Mr. Magnificent' Magniconte, Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl, and Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin. They were such good friends that, after Jack developed paranormal powers and decided to use them to help others in need, they decided to team up - with the addition of Jack's wife Darlene - to form Kickers, Inc.

This group was set up to investigate bizarre mysteries and paranormal occurrences, mostly for those who had nowhere else to turn - and being a non-profit organization, it made a great tax shelter as well. Thomas mostly went along for the ride, enjoying the bizarre adventures the team got mixed up in, though one such mission looked to be a little too dangerous for Thomas' tastes.

As such, before he went into action on this foray into a hostile foreign nation, Thomas hooked up with a couple of his youthful contacts, and got ahold of a fully functional Uzi 9mm machine gun. Oh, sure, the Kickers had acquired several non-lethal stun rods for use on the job, but these didn't quite seem to cut it for Thomas, who knew what angry men with machine guns would likely do to them if they were caught.

The gun wound up being useless to him on that mission anyhow, and Thomas decided to abandon it afterwards, sticking to the Kickers' simple stun rods. Of course, things would change soon anyhow, since Jack - the team's main muscle - had to join the Army to avoid a clandestine C.I.A. recruitment attempt. Liking the idea of helping those in need, Thomas stayed on the team even without Jack's help.

Presumably, the man is with Kickers, Inc. to this very day.


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