Silver age

Silver age stories from The Brave and The Bold, and Star Spangled War Stories are collected in Suicide Squad: The Silver Age.

Modern age

Legends - The first Post-Crisis DC event revives the Squad.

Secret Origins vol.2 #14 - Spin-off Legends that focuses on the Squad's origins.

Suicide Squad series by John Ostrander (Suicide Squad vol.1) - This is the series that made the team popular. It's a great series and really keeps you wondering what's going to happen next

  1. Trial By Fire
  2. The Nightshade odyssey
  3. Rogues
  4. The Janus directive
  5. reprints are ongoing ...

Keith Giffen's Taks Force Omega (Suicide Squad vol.2) - New team lead by Sgt. Franck Rock and spin-off "Our Worlds at War" crossover event. - Uncollected

John Ostrander's second Suicide Squad run (Suicide Squad vol.3) - Mini-serie serving as a sequel to Checkmates run "Rogue Squad" and a prequel to the "Salvation Run" event (part of Countdown to Final Crisis).

The Homicide Squad - Dead members are revived during the "Blackest Night" event tie-in Danse Macabre

New 52

The new 52 Squad hasn't got any major arcs. It mainly tells the crazyness of Harley Quinn with a team of super-vilains.

Suicide Squad vol.4 by Adam Glass - Return of the team, notably comprised of Harley Quinn

  1. Kicked in the Teeth
  2. Basilisk Rising
  3. Death Is for Suckers
  4. Discipline and Punish
  5. Walled In

Forever Evil - During this DC event, Amanda Waller recruits a New team.

New Suicide Squad by Sean Ryan - It's Harley Quinn teaming up with new members

  1. Pure Insanity
  2. Monsters
  3. Freedom


The Rebirth Squad gets designed by the great Jim Lee.

  1. Suicide Squad: Rebirth - rebirth special
  2. Rebirth: Suicide Squad - ongoing title

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