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The Deadshot Chainsaw Massacre

Well there was a missed opportunity here.

Deadshot grabs a chainsaw at the end and proceeds to hack Resurrection Man apart. My only question is, why can't that be the whole issue?

There was some ridiculous balls being dropped here. There is a Suicide Squad member named Iceberg. Why? I mean there is already Icicle, Mr.Freeze, Captain Cold, Killer Frost, now you need to add a generic looking Big Guy rip-off named Iceberg? To make things worse, the doesn't do a damn thing.

And is Light dead now? I hate those moments where a main character kills another character because that character isn't allowed to kill the villainous character because the main character has a jealous revenge kick. And I hate it even more when these moments don't make sense. Deadshot claims that he hates Waller so damn much that he needs to deliver the final bullet. But here we know that Deadshot will never kill Waller, since Waller is a main staple in the DC Universe. And I doubt that DC would kill Deadshot either....so exactly what was the point of that? Those 2 characters at this point are pretty much partners in crime. It's not like Deadshot is going after the Joker and then kills Harley Quinn in a fit of revenge, now that would be a story I would love to see play out.

But instead everything goes FUBAR because they're going after Resurrection Man, of all people.

Well, no matter how FUBAR it gets. Suicide Squad is still entertaining because of characters like Yo-Yo and King Shark, the goofy and gory moments those two idiots share will probably never get old. Just wished that Leatherface Deadshot would have shown up sooner.

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