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The Deadshot Show! (With some guest stars or whatever)

This cover just cracks me up every time. El Diablo's expression is a little too over the top, Deadshot's face isn't visible so he's just kind of 'there,' Light is freaking out (which makes sense for her) but King Shark is just like OHHHHHHMYGODWHATTHEFAQQQQQQQQQQ!?!?!!!! Ha ha, I love it.

Fernando Dagnino's art has been AMAZING on a few issues of Resurrection Man, and bland on others. Not to mention that Federico Dallocchio's art has been a perfect fit on Suicide Squad (When they actually HAD him on art); so I've been nervous about the artist shift. And while I must say I still much prefer Dallocchio on Suicide Squad, Dagnino is a welcome regular, as long as he stays REGULAR.

While I understand what Glass was going for, once again he's taken Amander Er in the wrong direction. Sure, not giving her operatives all the information is standard operating protocol, she really doesn't care about their well being, but she DOES care about RESULTS and EFFICIENCY. In this case NOT TELLING THEM MITCH CAN RESURRECT is withholding of extremely VITAL information to the mission's success. Not telling them is just STUPID. It's not a demonstration of coldness or manipulation, it's just pure stupidity. I mean, had they KNOWN, they could've had Iceberg FREEZE HIM SO THAT HE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO COME BACK RIGHT AWAY. Or even knock him out instead of killing him, then freeze him (since they know he can't die).

Speaking of Iceberg, where the hell did he come from? He wasn't part of any of the setup for this mission, plus he wasn't even there when they boarded the plane last issue.

Harley Quinn's undergoing some.... odd developments. I'll have to see where they go before I can make full judgement, but I'm wary.

El Diablo is really starting to show the much needed character development he started in issue #5.

Black Spider continues to do some interesting things.

King Shark does some fun stuff that sets up a fantastic brick joke several issues in the making. Plus, perhaps a plot point? Maybe Yo-Yo is the Basilisk mole?

But of course the real spotlight goes to, again, Deadshot. Not that I can really complain when it's as good as it is this time. All his experiences through the series keep having different effects on him, but his core character is relatively unshaken. It's like he's attempting to actively defy character development, which is a unique character exploration in and of itself. Plus he sets up a goal that I really don't think means what it might be implying. I certainly didn't think that when he said he was going to kill Amanda that it meant he was the mole, I think he just genuinely wants to kill her. I sure wouldn't blame him. I didn't even think that that's what it was implying the first time I read it, it just felt natural for his character at this point. Though now I'm wondering if Light was the mole? Though I doubt it.

Mitch seems a little TOO obsessed with finding Kim again. I understand why, but he talks about her as if he's known her for a long time. Again, him wanting to find her again is perfectly understandable, but the way the dialogue presents it.. it just doesn't feel believable. It feels forced.

In Conclusion: 3.5/5

Deadshot gets the spotlight again, and while it does work very well this time, it presents the problem that this series is just a bit TOO Deadshot-centric. Sure the other characters get some development, but they all take a backseat while Deadshot does 90% of the fighting this issue. I'm starting to grow tired of him hogging the spotlight, even though I enjoy what he does in it. Basically, the focus on the characters is very unbalanced. Plus Amanda Er slips further from her original namesake with acts of blatant stupidity that masquerade as shows of detachment. There's being a stone cold boss, and there's being an idiot. But hopefully this will put some spotlight on the under-appreciated Resurrection Man, which needs more readers.

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