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Suicide Squad #8

Suicide Squad #8

The hunt for Harley Quinn comes to end, what happens to the team next?

The Good:

We really get to see Waller in full force as a handler in this issue. Things didn’t exactly go according to plan in Gotham City in the last issue so Waller is sure to let everyone know that she is in charge and that things will go her way. Plus it is pretty interesting to see the “discussion” she has with Harley Quinn for her little episode in issue #7. We learn an interesting and dangerous secret in this issue, one that is sure to affect the team in the coming issues.

The art is very good in this book, Federico Dallocchio has been doing a fantastic job with the characters and their facial expressions. And I must compliment Rod Reis on the cover, it might be my favorite cover of the series thus far.

Deadshot has a scene where he gets to visit a little girl. I’m not sure if it’s his daughter or some other relative, but you immediately see the assassin leave his face and you see a smile filled with compassion towards this little girl and that is something you don’t get to see often with Deadshot; I liked that a lot.

The Bad:

I really didn’t like Harley much in this issue. In issue #7 she was the insane clown princess we all love her for, but in this one we didn’t get to see any of that. Granted she was recovering from the gunshot wound that Floyd gave her in issue #7, but she isn’t really the type to just sit back and stay quiet.

The Judgment:

Overall this was a solid issue, I really like seeing this team of misfits do missions together and I’m excited to see where Adam Glass is taking the series.

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