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Brief History

Nothing is known of his past or how he came to be connected to the mysterious "Network", though he was highly respected and revered there enough so for him to be sent to Gotham to do business on their behalf.

While acting as personal protector for the Network, he did battle with Gotham Vigilante, The Huntress. They did battle and he eventually learned her true identity and tried to blackmail her into leaving Gotham. This did not work however and he was forced to do battle with her a few more times.

On their last battle he was saved from certain death by her after his defeat and he had been badly wounded and burnt. His face received the brunt of his injuries. Later, Justin was seen, he was in the tender care of Doctor Excess. The doctor was preparing Justin for the procedure of becoming another Talon for the Court of Owls. He earned the enmity of the Huntress to this day.

Suicide King was seen in the employee of the Penguin during the gang war in Gotham. Penguin was selling arms to Gotham's crime families, which included costumed mercenaries such as Suicide King, Firefly, Trickster, Pistolera, Electrocutioner and others. During the height of the war, Tarantula entered Penguins base of operations and ended up battling Suicide King and several other costumed villains.

Physical characteristics

For this identity he had a cape and cowl as well as a face mask.

His face was never shown though he now bears scars from the sever burns he survived. He was also in peak physical condition and appeared to be around 5'10 in height.

Powers and Abilities

He appeared to be a skilled hand to hand fighter not specializing in any particular skill or martial arts. Though he could easily hold his own against Huntress in a fight. He also carried a spear like weapon with double bladed sides. It often glowed pink and was able to project some kind of mysterious energy that was able to incapacitate.


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