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    Violent Veteran From The Zone and Leader of Gangreen

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    Suicida was amongst the many US Soldiers who were experimented on before being sent out into "The Zone", a future war that took place in South America, he served beside Marshal Law.

    These people were altered to make them into Super Soldiers, they were given a range of different super powers, as well as having their ability to feel pain and empathy dampened.

    On returning after the war Suicida, like many of the soldiers who fought in The Zone suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, having difficulty controlling his aggression and being prone to extreme violent outbursts he found it impossible to readjust and return to normal life. Suicida ended up forming a malicious gang of unwanted, crazy Zone veterans, which he named "Gangreen"

    Unlike the majority of Zone veterans, Suicida shares Marshal Law's deep-seated hatred for Public Spirit.


    Suicida was created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neil and appeared in the first issue of their Marshal Law Miniseries published by Epic Comics, an imprint of Marvel.

    Being that the series was creator owned, Suicida moved from publisher to publisher.


    Like all veterans of "The Zone" Suicida has had something that is known as a Pain-Gate surgically implanted into his body, this limits the amount of pain he is able to feel to easily bearable levels.

    He also has some level of super-strength and durability, able to survive falls from lethal heights, as well as fight and keep up with the likes of Marshal Law and Savage Dragon.


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