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    The deceased wife of the Elongated Man, Ralph Dibny, Sue Dibny was a close friend and ally to many Justice Leaguers for years. A wonderfully supportive spouse, Sue and Ralph would solve mysteries together until she was murdered by Jean Loring, the psychotic ex-wife of the Atom. Ralph would later try repeatedly to resurrect Sue, but those attempts ended with his own death, leading to the two of them being reunited as ghosts, and still playing the role of helpful detectives even then.

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    Sue met Ralph Dibny when he and the Flash crashed her debutante ball. She fell in love with Ralph almost immediately, seeing as he could make her laugh and how the life he led of adventure was one which she did not think possible for herself otherwise.

    Character Evolution

    Sue has been a constant throughout her publication history. Her most important character development was her decision to leave her life of wealth and luxury and to follow Ralph around the world (and beyond) on his adventures. Despite her lack of super abilities she has generally been regarded as a person of relative authority within the DC Universe and someone whose opinion mattered.


    Most of Sue’s appearances in the silver age were either alongside her husband in backup stories to the Flash, or as a person providing logistical support to the Justice League of America. Later after Ralph joined the newly formed Justice League Europe shortly after the events of Legends and Invasion, she took a more proactive role in her role on the team as a computer specialist/hacker. She also maintained the monitor duty to keep the other heroes free to commit to their super-heroics.

    The most important story in her publication history is also the one which would result in her death. this was told in the story arc Identity Crisis. Told partially in retrospect it showed how many years previous how she had been raped by Doctor Light as a means of attacking the members of the Justice League. This set off a chain of events in which the Justice League voted to remove the memories as obtained by supervillains of certain heroes’ secret identities. This was done by Zatanna, but after protest by Batman, he had his memories removed as well. On the night of their anniversary, Sue was murdered. Most thought the killer would be Doctor Light, but it turned out to be Jean Loring, who was trying to manipulate her ex-husband (Ray Palmer) into being romantically interested in her once again. The events were all the more tragic when it was revealed that Sue was pregnant when she was murdered.

    The events of 52 partially detailed Ralph’s attempts to resurrect Sue with the help of the Cult of Conner. Ralph would die as a result of his actions and the two were reunited as ghost detectives.

    She and Ralph returned during the events of Blackest Night, and they kill Hawkman and Hawkgirl. They were later destroyed by the Indigo Tribe.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sue occasionally was granted superhuman powers, but mostly her depiction was as a normal human. She aided her husband in his detective career and was thus an accomplished detective herself.


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