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According to "Avengers Annual" #20, the Subterraneans were were once stronger and more intelligent. "Interbreeding over the millennia caused them to decline in intelligence and strength. Ultimately, most of them lose even the ability to speak".
Interbreed means "To breed by crossing different stocks of animals or plants". In other words to mix breeds. In humans it is a synonym of exogamy: 1) "the mating of non-related beings", 2) "marrying outside the specific group where one originates". 
By Implication, the Subterraneans suffer because of mating with individuals outside their own race. Any idea with whom did these sub-species of humanity mate? This isn't addressed in the issue.

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Lions? Or humans, maybe. Or mutants. Or dinosaurs!

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I bet it's just a typo / misused word. I bet what they meant was incestuous breeding.

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@jloneblackheart said:
I bet it's just a typo / misused word. I bet what they meant was incestuous breeding.
I agree. They probably wanted to say "Inbreeding" and were not allowed to use that word.

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