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    Subterraneans are cloned slaves created by the Deviants. They are also known as Moloids or Tyranoids.

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    Subterraneans are cloned humanoid slaves created by the Deviants to replace their human slaves. Subterraneans are tireless, obedient and loyal. They can only come above ground at night for the sunlight harms their eyes. They reside under the Earth in a realm called Subterranea.

    The first subterranean slaves created by the Deviants came to be known as the Gortokians named after their leader, Gor-tok. After Gor-tok and his people rebelled against their masters, the Deviants created more cloned slaves to fight the Gortokians. Gor-tok and his people defeated their replacements and established their own underground community.

    Later, a faction of Gortokians worshiped a demon called Cha'sa'dra. This faction of Gortokians were mutated by Cha'sa'dra into the Lava Men who left the Gortokian community. Years later, the Gortokians were destroyed in an atomic test with Gor-tok as the only survivor of his people.

    The replacement clones proved to be failures and branched off into factions to form their own underground communities. Centuries later, a faction became known as the Moloids or Mole People and served the Mole Man. Another faction became known as the Tyrannoids and served Tyrannus.

    Recently another faction known as the Molans has also appeared.

    The Forever City of the High Evolutionary

    When Subterraneans discovered the abandoned city, they soon devolved into human like creatures and took control of the city. Those that were born there did not devolve, actually evolving as the city was created to do. For their appearance they were shunned and treated as animals, but they gained hyper intelligence.

    As Servants

    Subterraneans have been the obedient followers of several masters including the High Evolutionary, Jonathan Drew and most notably, the Mole Man and Tyrannus.


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