Submissionary Judah

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    Religious leader of Limbo Town

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    Submissionary Judah was created alongside his fellow submissionaries by Melmoth, who set them to watch over the people of Limbo Town. He and the other submissionaries became the head of a theocratic government which governed the population for four centuries.


    Judah was created by Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving. He made his first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Klarion #1

    Major Story Arcs

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Judah breaks the new grundyman to his labours, and speaks to the young Klarion, to whom he takes a dislike for the boy's flippancy. Worried about the Sheeda threat, he and the other submissionaries transform into the monstrous Horigal, and attack the men of Limbo Town who are travelling to market. They pursue the fleeing Klarion up towards the surface world, but are struck by a subway train. He manages to drag himself, desperately wounded, back to Limbo Town. There, he meets Klarion, and passes on the Submissionary's rod and the knowledge of how to transform into a Horigal. He is encountered soon after by Melmoth, who informs him that he is a robot, and switches him off.

    Powers and Abilities

    Judah is a cyborg, though he is unaware of this fact. He is apparently at least 400 years old, but does not seem to consider this unusual. He is capable of performing magic to various effects, including energy projection and necromancy. He possesses an innate psychic bond with his familiar, a dragon, and is able to see through its eyes. He is capable of combining himself and his familiar into the monstrous Horigal. He is also a charismatic leader and speaker.


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