Character » Subjekt-17 appears in 8 issues.

    An alien whom was born on earth by his mother whom died soon after. He was experimented on for decades.

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    Decades ago, an alien ship crash-landed in Russia. All aboard were dead, except one pregnant Female, and she did not live long, only long enough for military scientists to salvage her baby. No home. No family. Not even a name. The alien was kept sedated. Studied and experimented on for decades and eventually forgotten until he was accidentally freed. Now, unimaginably powerful and consumed by rage, he wants Superman to join him in wreaking revenge on humanity.

    Powers and Abilities

    Much like Superman, Subjekt-17 possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability and is capable of flight. While these abilites are not quite on Superman's level as of yet, Subjekt-17 is also capable of telepathy, telekinesis, and sonic attacks. These attacks all appear to be strong enough to hurt or affect Superman. Subjekt-17's superhuman abilities appear to be dependent on exposure to yellow sunlight and other elements present in Earth's atmosphere.

    Weakness:Subjekt-17's "kryptonite" is sound on specific supersonic frequencies. Superman was able to hit these frequencies by whistling. These frequencies appear to cause extreme pain and subsequent momentary paralysis in Subjekt-17.


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