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Tokyo Babylon


Tokyo Babylon is a manga in which Subaru is the leading protagonist. The story focuses on Subaru’s development and his true abilities, as opposed to his later secondary role in the manga X/1999, as well as his even less important role in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. In this story, it chronicles his original life as an exorcist.The story really kicks up when, by a strange twist of fate, Subaru meet a kindly veterinarian name Seichiro Sakurazuka while chasing down different demons and apparitions to exorcize. The meeting is a work of fate, and it turns out that this veterinarian is actually someone who knows about the magical world around us. That entire year, the Subaru and Seichiro begin to grow impressively close, and Seichiro continually confesses his love to him. Subaru’s sister also loved the pairing, and tries to bring the two boys together. This relationship, Subaru keeping up with his work as an exorcist, and the mysteries the demons pose to him get him into a lot of trouble. Also, there seems to be a bit more to Seichiro then what meets the eye.

The Blossom and the Star


Spoiler Warning The information in this may ruin the biggest plot twist in the Tokyo Babylon Series, so if you have not read the series, then I suggest skipping this chapter and not ruin the twist in one of the greatest manga.

Subaru was born along with his fraternal twin sister, Hokuto, were born on February 19, 1974, into the Sumeragi clan, a clan devoted to exorcism. As he was growing up, he and his twin sister became amazingly close, but he was always pulled away from his sister so that he could study the arts of the exorcist, and would one day be capable of taking on the mantle of the thirteenth head of the Sumeragi clan. He was nine when he went out to train.

One day, Subaru was finally seen as ready to take become the head of his clan, and was finally able to achieve his ultimate goal. On that day, though, his life would be changed forever. His grandmother left the area, as she had some business near by, and Subaru prepared to wait for her, but then, he seemed to hear a voice calling to him in the wind, and he left the place he was waiting and began moving in the direction of the voice he heard calling to him. As he walked, he discovered a strange cherry tree in bloom, despite the fat that it was far past the time it should be blooming. As he looked at the tree, he sensed a deep sense of hatred and despair emanating from the tree, and he moved, attempting to exorcize the hatred from the blossoms, but they appeared to be protected from some other spell. As he continued to try and exorcize the tree, he felt warm liquid hit his face, and he looked down to see his shirt stained with drops of red. He looked up, and he discovered that above him sat a man, the dead body of a nine year old girl impaled by his arm. The man then pulled his arm out of the girl and looked down at the young exorcist below him.

The man who sat in the tree smiled and quickly leapt from the tree, landing in front of Subaru, and pushed him down. As he stared at the boy, he brought his hand away from his head. Subaru then quickly opened his eyes, and he realized that he must have fainted in front of the man before him. The said man saw him looking at the tree blossoms, and he asked Subaru if he thought that the cherry blossoms were beautiful, and Subaru told him that he did in fact think that they were beautiful. The man the asked him if he knew that there was a corpse underneath every cherry tree, and the blood from the body seeped into the tree and stained its roots pink. Subaru, hearing this story, asked the strange man if the body was in any pain, and the man before him grew silent in shock at the question. The man then smiled again, and he leaned over to the young Subaru and whispering into his ear:

”If you and I should ever meet again, let us live together for one year. My heart is the direct inverse of yours... you are kind, pure, and honest. And I'm sure that is how you will continue to grow up. Your heart will remain pure. So, if we should ever meet again, I will try my hardest to learn to love you. Just for one year... and after that year, if I can consider you "special", you will have won and I will not kill you. But if I decide that I cannot consider you special to me -- if I cannot distinguish the difference between you and that corpse, then... I will kill you. And so today... I will let you go.”

He then took Subaru’s hand and kissed them both, and on his hands appeared the shape of an inverted pentagram, marking the young head of the Sumeragi clan. The man then erased Subaru’s memories of the event, and he and the boy then went their separate ways.

When Subaru returned home, his grandmother saw his newly marked hands, and, in a state of fear, gave him gloves, telling him that he should never take them off, and enchanting them, so that they could never be removed.

Seichiro Sakurazuka


Six years after Subaru’s strange meeting with the man in the cherry tree, Subaru had taken up a job as a spirit detective in Tokyo. One day, he was chasing a Shiki (a summoned spirit) when he followed the Shiki into train station. He continued to keep his eyes on the Shiki, which had taken the form of a hawk, but, as he ran, he failed to observe the ground, and tripped, hitting his face on the ground. As he lay on the ground, a man came over and helped him up. The man was a veterinarian named Seichiro Sakurazuka.

The veterinarian and Subaru became great friends, and Seichiro proved that he actually knew much about the paranormal world, as he was the head of the Sakurazuka clan, who were skilled in the same abilities as Subaru. Eventually, Seichiro began to openly confess his love to Subaru, who found every single mention of this as extremely embarrassing.

One day, Subaru had a dream of the day he had met the man underneath the cherry tree. Again he stood as a nine year old child underneath the cherry tree which was blooming even when it was out of season, and again he was talking to the strange man before him. The man told him the story of the corpse and the tree, and then, he moved to Subaru and knelt beside him, and he began whispering in his ear:

”If you and I should ever meet again…”

The wind then kicked up, and the rest of the man’s speech was obscured by the swirling sound of the air around him. The wind then began to die down, and Subaru heard the man tell him that he would let him go on that day. Subaru then awoke, questioning what he had just seen.

Later that day, Seichiro and Subaru discussed how they met with Subaru’s sister, and she began laughing at the fact that Seichiro had come into contact with Subaru because he fell flat on his face. She then turned to Seichiro and told him that she couldn’t believe that he had fallen in love with such a klutzy man, especially after that first impression. Seichiro then smiles at this and tells her that this is not the first time that both Subaru and him had met, and Subaru is shocked, remembering the man in the cherry tree, and he begins to believe that the two people appear to be very similar in appearance, although they seem to be the exact opposite personality wise.

Seichiro then stood up and began moving towards Subaru and then, as he moved closer to him, he smiled and told him he was only kidding, and that it had become all the rage to say that two lovers had met in a past life. As Hokuto and Seichiro discussed this ideal, Subaru’s mind then began to wander back to the memory of the man, and he asked out loud who the man was, causing Hokuto to accuse him of cheating on Seichiro (even though they weren’t going out.) Seichiro just put his hand onto Hokuto’s shoulder, telling her that it was fine, since he was obviously undesirable.

Seichiro then followed up this statement by saying that he, being only a lonely veterinarian, would never be able to live up to the amazing work which Subaru did. This caused Subaru to comfort his friend, telling him that being a veterinarian was a very honorable job, and Seichiro smiled, telling Subaru that, since they were over that, they could then begin planning their wedding.

Subaru then told Seichiro that he was a guy, and that they should truly stop joking around about such things. Seichiro then turned towards Subaru and told him that he loved him, and when Subaru told him that those were the jokes he was talking about, Seichiro told him to look at his face and see if he was joking. He wasn’t.

He then moved closer to Subaru, pinning him against the wall, and telling Subaru that he had just fallen in love, and that the person he had fallen in love with just happened to be a man, but he then moved away, smiling and saying that Subaru must only see him as a pervert. Hokuto then proceeded to give the two men her blessing, much to the chagrin of Subaru, and then Seichiro told them that he was closing for the day, and that they should go for a picnic.

The three of them made their way to the park, and they began to pass dozens of half bloomed cherry trees. Again ,Subaru began thinking of the man in the tree, and as he walked, he saw to his right a fully blossomed cherry tree, and he stopped, looking carefully at it. Seichiro, seeing Subaru stop, moved after him, and he asked him if anything was wrong. Subaru then turned to the tree and mentioned how it appeared to be the only one in bloom. Subaru then smiled, and his hand slowly moved up to his glasses. He grabbed a hold of them, and, taking them off, he told Subaru that he knew the reason why, asking him if he knew about the corpse underneath the tree, stunning Subaru.

Seichiro then returned his glasses to his face, and moved off to where they were picnicking. Subaru, sending one final glance towards the blossoming cherry tree, followed him, wondering if he was the man he had met underneath the tree seven years prior.

Conversation at the Vets


In 1991, Subaru had become a happy and caring young man, and is first shown exorcizing the spirit of a woman named Akie for a man. As the man cowered at his back, he began chanting his spells, and the horrid face of the ghost before him began to disappear, leaving the face of a beautiful woman, who thanked the young head of the Sumeragi clan before fading away. Subaru then turned to the man cowering behind him and told him that the spirit was now gone and could rest in peace.

Later that day, Subaru and a small puppy are at the veterinarian’s office with Hokuto and he tells her the story of how the man was being haunted by a girl he had seduced to his home one night. At the end on the night, he told her that he was not going to follow up on their relationship, causing the girl to fall into a state of depression before killing herself. This story caused Hokuto to burst into a fit of hysterical laughter at the story, calling it just a silly way for someone to stay after death, even going so far as to say that not even a woman’s magazine would accept the story.

Hokuto then asked Subaru why the ghost had only appeared in the man’s bed, and the response that it was the only thing that she remember of the room, she again burst into a fit of laughter, commenting that he must have taken her home and only shown her the ceiling. Her bliss suddenly disappeared, and she told Subaru that the man he had just helped was an awful man for treating any woman in such a vile and despicable way. She then began to comment on how woman should be the only one allowed to cheat on a man, bringing her hand down onto the table, causing a worried Subaru to tell her to not destroy the waiting room of the veterinarian’s office, as they would have to pay for any damages inflicted on the place.

Hokuto then began on a long rant about how the man, who was using the money that the honest working people earned with their sweat and blood, was at the lowest of the low and was only useful to clean up. She then angrily turned to Subaru and told him that he shouldn’t have helped someone so amoral. Subaru then began to say something, but she cut him off, saying that he didn’t seem to understand because he was a man. Subaru assured her that he was a man, and then was about to explain his reasons when a man at the door to the vet’s told her that he had done the exorcism not for the man, but for the girl who was forced to suffer because of the man’s sins.

Both the siblings turned to the voice, and greeted its owner, Seichiro Sakurazuka, who then offers both of them drinks. Hokuto accuses Seishiro of just having male sympathy, just as she had accused Subaru of having, but Seichiro only smiled, telling her that he would normally take the side of a girl. He then told her that she knew quite well just how much pain and sorrow a spirit trapped on earth feels.

Subaru then turned away from the two and began playing with the puppy in his arms as Seichiro said from behind him that Subaru had only done it for the woman, and not for the man who had taken advantage of her while she was living. She then retorted that Seichiro always understood exactly what Subaru wanted, to which Seichiro’s only reply was that he made sure to purify himself each day. Then, looking at the two men sitting in front of her, she smiled, bringing both of her hands together to form a heart with her hand as she said how good of a couple they make, much to the embarrassment of Subaru. When he protested, though, she only commented that Seichiro had already fallen in love with Subaru at first sight.

Smiling to herself, she went on to explain how Subaru is the heir to the Sumeragi clan, who practice the exact same magic as that of the Sakurazuka family, of which Seichiro is the heir. Then, she said how romantic the two of them were, and how it seemed almost like a fairy tale, before commenting how neither of the people involved in the relationship are forceful enough to get together. Seichiro then got up, to get a warmer pot of tea.

Seichiro came back with a bowl full of food, which Subaru then took and began feeding to the small canine in his hands. Hokuto again spoke up, pointing at him and saying that he is the hero of this story, and then, pointing to Seichiro, asking him if he thought it was ok for a man who was the heir to a family of assassins to be eating so happily. He then smiled, saying that he could never take on the family business, as he is to in love with life. She then turned back to Subaru and began accusing him of not being right if he was one meant to save the world. He simply smiled at this, saying that he was only a simple master of exorcism. He then looked at the clock, and realized that he had to go to one more case. He grabbed his hat and prepared to leave the building, and, Seichiro, seeing how late it was, offered to take him to wherever he was going for the job. Hokuto jumped onto this idea, and, seeing her enthusiasm, he offered to bring her too, saying it would be fun, like a picnic, only for Subaru to remind him that he wasn’t going for fun.

Seichiro then walked up to Hokuto and told her that they needed some time to bond, since she would one day become his sister-in-law, again embarrassing Subaru, who turned and yelled at the comment. Seichiro just ignored him, though, and ran to get his keys.

The Problematic Apparel


Subaru entered the house and was greeted by an elderly woman who told him that the man of the house was not home. He asked her where the girl that they had talked about was, and she began leading him up to a bedroom. It was a mess, and the woman behind him told him that a girl that worked for the man of the house had uncharacteristically trashed the room, and she had called to make sure that Subaru because her husband had used Subaru before. She then turned to Subaru and asked him how old he was. Before he could answer, though, he saw on in the other end of the room a girl, who began laughing madly.

Objects began to fly towards Subaru, and he began to dodge to the best of his ability, noting how strange it was that there was no spiritual energy coming from the girl. He quickly drew a pentagram in the air before him, which would normally dispel a ghost, but the girl just continued to attack him, and he realized that what he was fighting was not dead. She again attempted to attack him, but he did a quick flip over her, and landing behind her, he began wondering why a living spirit would be there. Then, as he pondered, the girl thrust her hand at his head, and he quickly summoned a spell which created a shield around him. The attack broke through his shield though, and again, he dodged, ducking underneath the oncoming attack as he began another incantation.

As he chanted his new incantation, Subaru pulled out a slip of paper and through it at his opponent. It landed right on her left breast, and Subaru finished his incantation as her jacket suddenly burst open. Her clothes began to emit a steam, and different spirits began making their way out of her apparel. The spirit disappeared, and Subaru realized that the living spirits were within the girl’s clothes. She attacked him again, and he leaned backwards, avoiding her hand, before he jumped into the air. He began falling behind her, and he chopped her directly in the neck. She fell to the ground, but her clothes continued to try and attack him, but her body weight kept them from moving.

As Subaru realized just how much hatred was trapped within her clothes, he realized that he had to remove them, but unfortunately, due to the fact that he is a guy, he realizes just how wrong that would be for him to do. He forced himself to remove her clothes, though, and was able to get another set of clothing onto her before she woke up.

When the girl awoke, she told Subaru that she had bought the clothes at a store that was near a grand battle arena, and that the spirit had absorbed all the hatred of both the losing contestants as well as those of shoppers. When Subaru told this to his sister later, Seichiro, who had overheard him, commented on how the hatred of humanity was becoming so great that it was beginning to even overpower the supernatural. Hokuto agreed with the statement, smiling of how she told that a nuclear bomb in Europe was no where near as deadly as a few women shopping. She then smiled even wider as she told how women with their aerosol hair spray and buying their comic books as it destroys the trees, and taking showers in the morning despite there being a water crisis.

After hearing her speech, Subaru questioned her, telling her that she did all of those things, and that if she wanted to save the world, then maybe she should stop doing such things. Hokuto only laughed at this, though, telling Subaru that they would be used in any case, and that she should at least make it destroy the planet while making her beautiful, Only for Subaru to Comment on how Dangerous this style of thinking was. Seichiro then spoke up, and told them that he just loved Tokyo, and when Subaru asked him his reasons on this, he told him happily:

”Because it is the only city on earth that can enjoy itself as it walks the path to destruction!”

He then stated in a carefree matter that he and Subaru’s wedding should be soon, as to avoid the end of the world, much to Subaru’s embarrassment. He quickly got over his embarrassment, and told the two people in front of him that he to loved the city that was Tokyo, but that his reasons were different then those of Seichiro, but he never elaborated.

The Tokyo Tower Tremors


Subaru was called away to another case shortly after his incident with the woman and her clothes, and he was told that the Tokyo Tower had been experiencing multiple tremors. Although this was not very uncommon, due to the tower’s huge size causing it to pick up even the smallest shifts in the tectonic plates, the entire tower had recently been shaking, causing a state of panic for the workers.

As Subaru sat across from the two people who were telling him this information, he began to ponder what may be causing these tremors. As he sat pondering, though, he was asked for an autograph by one of the men across from him who was interested in Subaru’s line of work.

After signing the autograph, Subaru was shown into the tower’s observation room, and, as he entered into the room, it began to shake. The shaking quickly subsided though, and, as he stood up, he saw both Hokuto and Seichiro hurrying towards him, and he quickly asked them what they were doing there. Hokuto told him that they were there for a date, and when Subaru asked who was dating, she told him that it was between him and Seichiro, causing Subaru to angrily yell at her.

Hokuto turned, and told him that there was no couple that had not gone to Tokyo Tower. Seichiro then offered to treat Hokuto to some parfaits, to which he told her he would buy, as he would never dream of making his future sister-in-law pay for a parfait, again aggravating Subaru.

Seichiro returned a little while later, offering Subaru an ice cream cone. Subaru accepted it, and Hokuto ran up, asking Seichiro why she didn’t get an ice cream cone. He told her that he had offered, but that she had not accepted it. She only took some of his, and Seichiro then offered some of his to Subaru as well, which he hurriedly declined. Seichiro and Hokuto then told him that he needed to loosen up. Subaru became embarrassed, telling her that would just make him a pervert, but she told him that that was the way which lovers acted, causing another embarrassed outburst from Subaru.

Hokuto then turned to Seichiro and told him that h needed to be working harder to get Subaru to love him, and Seichiro simply told her that he was trying, but that it appeared he was not attractive enough, causing Subaru to tell him that that wasn’t true, and that he was attractive. Seichiro then turned and smiled at him, and then asking quite innocently if Subaru thought he was sexy, causing much more agitation on the part of Subaru.

Shortly after this, the building began to shake, and Subaru, looking down, saw the spirit of a girl crying out that she hated Tokyo, before he fell backwards, being caught by none other then Seichiro. When Subaru realized that he was in Seichiro’s arms, he freaked, finding that their faces were just a bit to close. He then quickly pulled away and, reaching down, picked up the hat which had fallen off his head when he fell.

As he stood up again, Seichiro asked him if he was going to do the exorcism that night, and Subaru told him that he would. Seichiro then smiled, and asked Subaru if he could tag along. He then told Subaru that he thought it would be romantic being on Tokyo Tower at night, with the moon shining above them.

That night, Seichiro and Subaru sat by the window of the first observation Deck of Tokyo Tower, and Seichiro began telling Subaru about how Tokyo Tower had become a symbol of Tokyo, and how, as time went on, It had changed very much, such as little pink dolls in the window being replaced by figurines of Michael Jackson and Madonna. He then turned to Subaru with his trademark innocent smile and told him:

”The passage of time is cruel, is it not?”

Subaru turned to respond, but before he could do so, he heard a noise in front of them, and he turned as Seichiro casually said that the ghost had arrived. Subaru pulled out four of his magic parchments and threw them against the wall, using his magic to create a barrier between him and the ghost. He began to make seals with his hand and he asked Seichiro to not walk passed the border. Seichiro cheerfully agreed to stay in the area of the barrier, and Subaru began walking forward, chanting incantations as he went.

The spirit then appeared before him, and, with a swipe of her hand, the pillar in which his barrier was set exploded, shattering the only defense between the spirit and Seichiro. The Spirit then sent a blast of energy towards Subaru, and, just before it hit him, he felt himself being lifted off of the ground, and he discovered Seichiro carrying him out of danger’s way. The spirit then turned her attention to the veterinarian, and quickly, he pulled a lighter from his coat pocket, and with some swift incantations, a huge ball of fire engulfed her. Seeing the power, Subaru realized that he had forgotten that Seichiro was also a sorcerer.

Subaru then got out of Seichiro’s arms and made another incantation, sending the girl into a scream of pain. Then, stopping his incantations, he told her that he had not come to exorcize her, but he had only come to talk, only for her to shout tat she hated Japan and all of the Japanese.

Subaru then turned to her and asked her to at least tell them who she was and why she hated Japan and the Japanese. He then saw a look of shock cross her face, and he smiled, introducing himself to her. She then asked him who Seichiro was, to which he responded that he was only a humble veterinarian. She then told him that no ordinary veterinarian that she knew could shoot blasts of fire at her. He again smiled and told her that he was only defending the man who he loved, and she smiled, commenting on how great it was to be in love.

She sat down next to the two magic users, and told them that her name was Kato Kazue, and that she had moved to Tokyo in the hopes of becoming an actor. She was unsuccessful though, and she was forced to work hard and live in a small run down apartment. She then told them that she had appeared on television a few times, but simply as a cameo, such as a person on the street or in a café. Despite the insignificance of these roles, Subaru still told her that that was an impressive feat, and she told him that he was a very nice boy.

She then told them how one day, she had finally gotten what she had always wanted, a speaking role in a movie. In a fit of excitement, she called everyone that she knew and told them the good news, and her mother was even brought to tears by the good news. She made sure that she got the part, even going so far as to sleep with the producer, but she was finally assured the part. She showed up on the first day, but, when she arrived, the lead actress stormed off of the set after an argument with the producer. She refused to act, and the movie was cancelled. Distraught over the loss of the part, she went to Tokyo Tower and jumped off, perishing in the streets below.

After remembering the ways of her death, she began to cry, and grew angry, shouting out that she had not deserved such a tragedy, but Seichiro then told her that she was just like the actress who had ruined the movie. She turned on him, infuriated, but he smiled and told her that her death had caused for someone to clean up the remains, someone to arrange the burial, someone to live through the trauma of seeing a suicide, and he told her that she had caused just as much damage by her suicide. She then screamed that she hated Tokyo, but Seichiro asked her if she truly felt that way, for she wouldn’t still be in the tower if she had not loved it. Finally, she smiled, and told them how much she loved Tokyo Tower, and Subaru finally exorcized her, letting her rest in peace.



Seichiro Sakurazuka practices his activity of dark onmyoji opposing to the sumeragi family. The day he meets the young Subaru Sumeragi, Seichiro kidnap him and brings him under his cherry tree. He puts the mark of the sakurazukamori on the hands of Subaru. He lets him go. He tells him the next time he will see him he will stay with him for one year. And if he won’t love him after this year, he will kill him.

Seven years past, Seichiro becomes a veterinary. He chose this job because he needs to sacrifice animals in order to make invocations. He meets Subaru who wants to direct a zoo. He uses the fact he is a veterinary to link with Subaru. He spends one year with him; but he thinks he doesn’t love him. So he decides to kill him. Hokuto intervenes and uses a technique. She is killed by Seichiro. Subaru sees this scene in a vision.

Finding Again


Seven years past; Subaru still looks for Seichiro. A mission brings him to Tokyo. Sun plaza is attacked. Subaru finds some proofs that it is the Sakurazukamori who is responsible. He decides to go. Arashi Kishu and Sorata Arisugawa make their way to Nakano Sun plaza. Subaru overtakes them. Arashi and Sorata don’t know him; but they suppose he is a dragon. They decide to follow him.

Subaru arrives at a Nakano Sun plaza completely destroyed. He finds Seichiro who is happy to see him. Arashi and Sorata are not so far from them. A discussion begins until Subaru decides to create a kekkai in order to realize his wish. A fight begins. Arashi and Sorata understand the fighters are Onmyoji; so the Dragons of Earth is Seichiro Sakurazuka and the Dragons of Heaven is Subaru Sumeragi. The fight is intense and none of the fighters can take an advantage over his opponent. Seichiro tries to upset Subaru remembering him that he killed Hokuto Sumeragi, Subaru’s sister. Seichiro uses a spell to disappear. Arashi and Sorata try to find him because no one could escape from a kekkai. But Subaru doesn’t want to fight anymore and cancels his kekkai. He confirms he is Subaru Sumeragi to Sorata and Arashi.



When Fuma Mono wakes up as the Kamui of Earth, he kills his sister Kotori Mono. After that, Fuma wants to kill Kamui. Fuma tries to retire the Sacred Sword. But Kakyo Kuzuki takes possession of Kotori’s corpse and stops him. Kotori doesn’t want her brother to kill Kamui. Arashi, Sorata, Yuzuriha Nekoi, Inuki, Subaru, Seiichiro Aoki and Daisuke Saiki arrive and see this awful scene. Fuma dismembers his sister and runs away without the sacred sword. Kamui doesn’t support the situation. Once again, a person he loves was killed.

Kamui is a catatonic state with Kotori’s head in his hands. Dragons of Heaven are completely afflicted by the last events. Sorata thinks that Kamui will always stay in this state. Subaru decides to see Kamui and uses his powers to enter in Kamui’s spirit. Kamui tries to eject him, but Subaru succeeds to enter. He sees the death of Kotori and then he falls under the sea of tears to see the childhood of Kamui. But Fuma appears and kills the young Fuma and the young Kotori. Subaru tries to enter in contact with the young Kamui.

In Kamui’s spirit, Subaru succeeds to take the attention of young Kamui. He explains he knows his feelings. Subaru shows him how his sister was killed by the person he loves. He asks Kamui to do a choice. Kamui decides to come back in order to save Fuma. Subaru brings him to the reality.



Kotori was buried inside Clamp School. Kamui remembers his old memories in front of Kotori’s grave. Sorata arrives, hugs Kamui and tries to comfort him. The other seals do their appearance, even Karen Kasumi. Karen introduces herself to Kamui. She delivers him Tokiko Magami’s message: to bring the sacred sword at the heart of Clamp School. It is at this moment that Nokoru Imonoyama, Akira Iyuin and Suo Takamura do their appearance. They will show them the emplacement to protect the sacred sword.

Nokoru, Akira, Suo and the seven seals arrive at a fountain in the center of Clamp School. Nokoru asks Kamui to put his hand on the symbol of the school. Kamui does it and a secret passage is opened. Seiichiro sees Kamui seals the sacred sword whereas Nataku steals the other one to bring it to Fuma.

Just Like Him


Three month had past since the seal of the sacred sword; Subaru decides to continue his studies at Clamp School in order to have the time to look for Seichiro. Kamui sees him regularly in order to be helped in his homework. Kamui doesn’t understand why Subaru smokes. Subaru replies it permits to concentrate his thoughts in the Sakurazukamori. It is a meaning to be like him.

Keiichi Segawa joins Kamui and Subaru. He apologizes to disturb them. Subaru decides to let Kamui and Keiichi alone.



A new kekkai is attacked. Indeed Nataku and Fuma are there to destroy the Sunshine 60. Subaru arrives when he sees Fuma trying to finish Kamui. Subaru creates a kekkai. To destroy the building, the kekkai must disappear. And to make a kekkai disappear, one of the ways is to kill the kekkai’s creator. So Nataku attacks Subaru, but Subaru is too strong. Understanding that, Fuma decides to finish the battle. He fixes Kamui in the building. Then he attacks Subaru. The Onmyoji dodges every attack. Moreover, he succeeds to shut Fuma up. But for Subaru, Fuma looks like Seichiro which perturb him. Fuma takes advantage of the situation. He breaks the barrier launched by Subaru and hurts him severely. Kamui doesn’t support this scene, liberates himself and attacks Fuma. Fuma dodges it, but he had the time to put out Subaru’s eye. The kekkai disappears and the Sunshine 60 collapses. Kamui brings Subaru at the hospital where he will be operated.



Arashi and Sorata visit Sorata at the hospital. Kamui is already here. Subaru lost his right eye. Kamui apologizes to not rescue Subaru sooner. Subaru reassures him telling him that is what he wants. Indeed he wants to look like Seichiro. Sorata promises to Subaru to protect Kamui.

Yuzuhira stays at Subaru’s bedside. She begs his pardon to be not there when he fought Fuma. Subaru responds it was his fault because he’s selfish and he doesn’t care of others. Yuzuhira doesn’t believe that, she thinks he’s a good person. She made him the promise to call her when he will need help. He accepts. Yuzuhira is happy to have met such good persons at Tokyo.

When Kamui is hospitalized after his fight against Fuma, it is Subaru who stays at Kamui’s bedside. Kamui wakes up and explains his dream. He says he cannot stop to wish. Subaru comforts him telling him his sister always said a person must realize his wish in order to be happy. Kamui understands he needs Fuma as Subaru needs Seichiro.

The Rainbow Bridge


Hinoto invites Subaru telepathically. Subaru arrives at the Diet Building at her request. She tells him that the next target is the Rainbow Bridge. Subaru decides to go alone at the great pleasure of Hinoto.

Subaru arrives at the Rainbow Bridge smoking a cigarette and waiting the Sakurazukamori. Seichiro does his entrance and takes Subaru’s cigarette with his bloody hand. Subaru asks him if he killed someone. Seichiro answers he is the Sakurazukamori and it is his job to kill people. The two Onmyoji begin their fight. Subaru launches a kekkai.

Subaru and Seichiro give all they have in this fight; at this point that a major part of the bridge is destroyed. Seichiro asks if Subaru’s wish is to kill him. Subaru denies it. Each opponent sends their ultimate attack. Kamui and Arashi arrive and see that Subaru’s kekkai dissolves. Arashi and Kamui are looking for Subaru. They find the Sakurazukamori with his heart pierced by Subaru’s hand. Subaru doesn’t understand how it could be. Seichiro explains that when he killed his sister, Hokuto launched a spell on Seichiro. If he tries to kill Subaru as he killed Hokuto, then the spell will invert the hit. Subaru wished to be killed by the person he loves, even if Seichiro doesn’t love him in return. Seichiro says he knows the spells and he did it because it was the only way to be killed by Subaru. Seichiro murmurs his last words at Subaru’s ear (Surely that he loves him). Because Subaru’s kekkai was dissolved, the damage caused on the bridge is real. Kamui has just the time to save Subaru before the total destruction of the Rainbow Bridge.



Kamui visits Subaru and asks if everything is ok. Subaru explains his relation he had between him and Seichiro. Seichiro requires Kamui to take a rest. Kamui lets Subaru alone. Subaru leaves them because he could not be a seal anymore. The dark Hinoto sees this scene and prepares the next plan to destroy another dragon of Heaven.

Fuma joins Subaru at Seichiro’s home. Fuma apologizes that Subaru’s wish wasn’t realized. But he proposes to realize Seichiro’s one. Fuma tells Subaru that the Sakurazukamori was displeased to see Subaru wounded by another person than him. So he wished to erase this wound. Fuma offers to Subaru Seichiro’s left eye. Fuma understands Seichiro’s wish because he will do the same for Kamui. Fuma advises also Subaru that if he accepts Seichiro’s gift, he will become the new Sakurazukamori.

Fuma joins Subaru, the new Sakurazukamori. He is amused to see that Subaru doesn’t assimilate Fuma to Seichiro anymore. For Subaru, Seichiro doesn’t exist anymore. Fuma tells him Seichiro still live in his right eye. That is implied that Subaru must live if he wants that a part of Seichiro still live. Subaru asks Fuma his dearest wish. Fuma responds only Kamui could realize his wish.

Jour de la Promesse


Others kekkai are destroyed. Kamui receives the call of the sacred sword. He goes to unseal it. Kakyo tells him if he unseals the sacred sword, tragedies will come. Kamui doesn’t listen to him and unseals it. The “Jour de la Promesse” could begin. Fuma feels it and decides to fight the dragons of Heaven. Subaru stays with Fuma.

Fuma launches the battle with their angels. The fight is rough. Kamui doesn’t understand Fuma. Fuma responds he doesn’t even know his dearest wish. Fuma continues his attack and takes the advantage. Kamui doesn’t want to believe he has another wish that bring back Fuma. Subaru confirms what Fuma said. He begs Kamui to find his dearest wish. Kamui remembers what Karen said at Nataku’s grave. Kamui understands what Fuma wants, but Fuma is ready to kill him.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Like every dragon, Subaru could jump the high of a building.


Subaru can materialize his soul as an animal. Subaru can use shiki with gobesei in order to attack.


Subaru can call a spirit to help him.


Like every seals, Subaru can create a kekkai which permits to protect a zone.


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