Subaru Natsuki

    Character » Subaru Natsuki appears in 22 issues.

    The main male protagonist in the Re:Zero franchise. A jobless shut in who was sent to a fantasy world.

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    Subaru is a average looking male in his late teens (eighteen), with short black hair and brown eyes. But he does have one outstanding characteristic, Subaru has what is know as Sanpaku, where the the white space above or below the iris is visible.

    Powers, Abilities and Equipment

    Returns By Death: Subaru's defining power. He has the ability to resurrect after death.

    Authority: Authorities are in the Re:Zero universe as gifts connected witches and black magic. These magics are introduce through genes. Currently Subaru has access to two, Greed and Sloth. Greed allows Subaru to stop time and travel at fast speeds, while Sloth allows him to create force fields.

    Spirit Contracts: While not a "true" spirit user, he does have a contract with Beatrice, a human spirit, who aids him in various ways.

    Yin Magic: Early on, Subaru had access to darkness manipulation magic, yet his connection has be closed. He can still use it to some extent with the help of Beatrice and he is created new spells because of this.

    Subaru is also a capable scrapper and has training in the use of a whip as a weapon. He also is the owner of Patrasche, a black earth dragon, who is very loyal to him.


    Subaru is a loyal person and is always willing to help.This is a transformation from who he was in the regular world, he tend to take the easy route. Since being in Lugnica, he has become a protector and hero to various people, he stands as Emilia's knight.


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