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Continued from Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1! An amnesiac Sub-Mariner is trapped under tons of ice, but Destiny decides to toy with Atlantis’ King further by producing memories he hasn't yet recovered!

Years Of Glory, Day Of Doom

Continues from Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1.

Within an icy cave in Antarctica, believing Namor to be dying beneath an avalanche of crushing ice, Destiny goads the Sub-Mariner about his second victory over him. The villain goes on to remind Namor how his own father, Captain Leonard McKenzie, helped Destiny gain the helmet of power in the first place. Thinking Namor to be dead, Destiny leaves the destroyed cave to continue his plan for world domination. However having heard his father’s name, the steel blue eyes of the Prince of Atlantis open and recall a story told to him by his deceased mother, Princess Fen…

In decades past, the crew of the ice breaker ship Oracle planted explosive charges on icebergs to clear the seas. Unknown to them, the explosions wreaked massive destruction on an age old civilisation dwelling in the icy depths. Atlantis was being torn apart from above and its ruler, Emperor Thakorr, commanded his daughter to choose from their strongest warriors to investigate the source of the deadly blasts. However seeing no reason to endanger the sons of the realm, Princes Fen decided to make the ascent alone after taking a potion that allows her to breathe on the surface. On reaching the Oracle, Fen was immediately captured by one of the crew but not speaking each other’s languages, she was unable to communicate with them. Nonetheless having remained on board for a number of days, Princess Fen and Captain McKenzie fell in love and were married by the ship’s Chaplain. Weeks pass and Thakorr sends a war party in search of his missing daughter and during the inevitable clash between the humans and Atlanteans, Leonard McKenzie is slain. Princess Fen is brought back to Atlantis and from that tragic marriage was born Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

Namor’s thoughts rush forward in time as he attempts to regain his lost memories and in his mind he finds himself in the year 1940 where he unleashes his vengeance for the first time on an unsuspecting New York City. Further forward in time he sees a changed Sub-Mariner now fighting for his father’s land against the Nazi threat. After the war had ended Namor then recalls his bitter rivalry with the Emperor’s stepson Byrrah and his own fight against criminals. Namor struggles to remember any more but he forces his mind to continue to a fateful day when Atlantis was once more attacked by the surface men. Thus destined to repeat his mother’s feat, Namor is ordered by his grandfather Emperor Thakorr to lead a war party to punish the air breathers. However on their way an explosion kills the entire crew save Namor who tracks down the source of the attack to a cave in Antarctica. As Namor enters the cave he is greeted by the evil, leering face of the man called Destiny who tells him he Attacked Atlantis merely to test his powers. An enraged Namor attacks the murderer but Destiny uses his mental powers to hold the Sub-Mariner still and shows him an image of what is happening in Atlantis. Namor witnesses his homeland crumble to dust and his mother and grandfather about to be crushed beneath the debris. Suddenly the image disappears and Namor is sent flying away by Destiny who decides he needs to return to suspended animation for a further five years to reach his peak power, upon when he shall mentally recall Namor and destroy him.

Hours later a now amnesiac Namor arrives in an alleyway in New York where he inadvertently stops a department store robbery. Unable to remember his identity, the Sub-Mariner takes clothes from the store to blend in with other people. Days turn to weeks, and weeks to years until one fateful day Johnny Storm wanders into a homeless shelter where a bearded, long haired man is told by the other bums to show the new guy he’s as strong as the guy from the Sub-Mariner comics. The man gives the bums a beating and Johnny, realising he has amnesia, decides to take the man for treatment after cutting his hair and shaving his beard with his flames to see what he really looks like. However on seeing the man’s face Johnny Storm realises this is the Sub-Mariner and deciding water may revive the Atlanteans memory, the Human Torch carries him away and drops him in New York harbour. Instantly Namor recovers part of his memory and goes in search for Atlantis. However finding his home abandoned and in ruins, Namor blames humans for the destruction and summons the monster Giganto to destroy New York. Namor and Giganto are both defeated by the Fantastic Four and after remembering his defeat, Namor’s mind snaps back to the present day where he is still trapped underneath an avalanche of ice. In his excited state, Namor’s body heat melts some of the crushing ice and the small amount of dripping water restores enough strength in the Avenging Son for him to break free and seek his revenge on Destiny and the entire human race!


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