Sub-Commander Blake

    Character » Sub-Commander Blake appears in 11 issues.

    Blake was a Sub-Commander within AIM, tasked to retrieve an unknown weapon --Headpool-- from the Savage Lands. Following Deadpool into the Zombiverse to retrieve the "weapon", Blake was infected and tossed out of a helicopter by A.I.M. Agent Ashcroft.

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    After receiving word, from one of their spies, that Hydra had made a discovery in the Savage Land so significant a heavily armed Hydra retrieval team was sent in, A.I.M. placed Sub-Commander Blake in charge of the operation to get the possible weapon before Hydra could. While the A.I.M. double agent --Dr.Betty Swanson-- kept tabs on Hydra's big find, Blake decided to hire Deadpool to drop into the Savage Lands from an A.I.M. orbiting station, find the possible Hydra weapon and return with it.

    While Blake waited in the orbiting station (while drinking plenty of whiskey), he was informed that Dr. Swanson had missed her check-in and that he might want to assume the worst. Mulling it over, he orders his men the initiate "The Prometheus Option"; to lock onto the signal from Betty's watch and fire on it from space, so insure Hydra wouldn't have the weapon instead.

    Deadpool and Dr. Swanson managed to survive and returned to the station aboard a Hydra Shuttle, with the weapon in hand; Deadpool's zombified head from an alternate Earth. Everything seemed to be finished, when the station was attacked by a Hydra shuttle. During the chaos, Deadpool stole his zombie head --Headpool-- grabbed Dr. Swanson and forced A.I.M. Agent Bill/Bob to fly them away from the station before it exploded.

    Blake managed to survive in the remains of the station. With most of his men dead, he assembled a small strike team and chased after Deadpool. Blake and his team found Deadpool, Dr. Swanson and Bill/Bob in front of a dimensional portal, as they talked with The Sorcerer Supreme; who aligned the portal to take them to Headpool's Earth. However, the portal wouldn't remain open for long.

    Blake waited for them to enter the portal, before shortly following after. They eventually found Deadpool... as he was fighting three zombified villains. All of Blake's men, save one, were eaten as he escaped. Blake and his last remaining agent trekked through the wastes of the Zombiverse, until they came across Deadpool yet again. After stealing Deadpool's helicopter, Blake made a deal: a ride for safe passage back through the portal; to which Deadpool agreed.

    On the way, they stopped at the ruins of an airport for fuel. While Deadpool and Dr. Swanson were off chatting, Blake distracted Bill/Bob while his agent hit him over the head with a shovel. Blake then called out that a Zombie posse was closing in, to which Deadpool and Dr. Swanson went charging for a fight. Blake took his chance and snatched Headpool and took off in the helicopter. They didn't get far, before Headpool bit Blakes finger off; infecting him with the zombie virus. Headpool told him that if he wanted to live, he'd go back and get an anti-viral serum Deadpool had obtained.

    Obviously, Blake returned and pleaded for the serum. Though Dr. Swanson and Bill/Bob protested, Deadpool gave Blake the serum and they continued to make their way to the portal. During the flight, Blake began to feel sick and began to change into a zombie. Deadpool revealed that he actually wanted to see how long it took to turn after being bitten. When Blake asked him what he drank, Deadpool also reveals that he had way too much to drink and really had to go.

    Pushed to his death
    Pushed to his death

    As Blake cursed Deadpool and threatened how he was going to eat him, A.I.M. agent Ashcroft --who'd been with Blake since the beginning-- pushed him out of the helicopter to his death.


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