Character » Sturmer appears in 12 issues.

    Orion's "pet", Sturmer is a huge divine dog, and the pack commander of the New Genesis dog cavalry.

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    Sturmer was the Pack Commander of the New Genesis Cavalry. He came with Orion to help the JLA face off against  
    Mageddon. He didn't do much until General Eiling's attack on the JLA headquarters. He attacked Eiling on Orion's orders, but could beat the eternally regenerating villain. Eventually Sturmer managed to push Eiling into the Phantom Zone, sending himself along in the process. Superman attempted to save Sturmer, but Orion convinced him not to, explaining that Sturmer volunteered, and was prepared to die saving Earth. He is presumed dead. 
    Powers: Sturmer was a very large New God dog and as such he was incredibly strong. He was even able to face off against General Eiling. 
    Intelligence: There is a little question as to Sturmer's intelligence, he apparently volunteered to help save Earth and is very heroic. But he also was never shown talking and seemed only to obey simple commands, such as when Orion told him to attack Eiling by simply saying "Sturmer, Kill" Orion also commented to Aquaman that Sturmer bites.


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