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Sturm was created by writer Bronwyn Taggart and penciler Peter Gross in The Books of Faerie: Auberon's Tale issue 1 in 1998.

Major Story Arcs

Sturm and the Silver Treasure

Sturm of Grimwar is described as "humble, good-hearted." He is also kind of dumb, but falls into good fortune.

One day, he tells his mother that it is time for him to go seek fortune. She is worried because his brothers, Stumpf and Stur, also left and never came back.

Along the trail, he finds his dead brothers' heads and collects them in his sack. He does not seem too concerned that they are dead. Then he finds a lady by a lake, known as the Hag of the Iron Well. She asks him to get her silver out of the lake. He goes in, and finds a silver snake. It attacks, but he grabs it and brings it out.

The Hag is thankful he did not try to hurt it, as his brothers had. As a reward, she resurrects his brothers and gives him a magic pot.

As he leaves she says he will use it to save all of faerie one day.

Auberon's Tale

Sturm the undefeated is widely understood to be the greatest champion of the gladiatorial bouts held by king Magnus. After defeating everything else, Magnus has him fight a puny human; humans are so mysterious to the Faerie that they think he might be a good battle, but Strum dispatches him quickly.

Magnus himself then challenges Sturm, seemingly believing that his “pure Faerie blood” is enough, or that as a troll Sturm will know his place and allow himself to be killed. However, Sturm quickly kills the king after the king shows he’s serious by drawing first blood.

He then runs back to Grimwar for safety, having accidentally started the surprisingly unclear chain of succession for the throne. He hopes Huonnor, Duke of Grimwar and the leading candidate for King will pardon him. Huonnor agrees, if he can become king. They ride with an army to challenge Obrey and Auberon, the other contenders.

Sturm, always upbeat and seemingly ignorant of real-world problems, is glad to see they are only outnumbered four to one.

The battle ends when Huonnor meets the child Auberon and realizes he cannot honorably fight him, and so he surrenders.

Sturm goes into hiding, but helps a Brownie who tries to being news of the birth of Huonnor’s daughter to the Duke. However, they find out that he has been killed.

The Scrying Pool

Sturm is a notable enough being that when the Hag of the Iron Well and the Gyvv discuss the history of the entire faerie realm, he is one of the few creatures they mention by name.

As they look into their scrying pool, one scene shows an older Sturm with Molly, who has become Queen of Faerie, and another scene shows him with the Gyvv as it dies.


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