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    A former lover of Doctor Octopus and enemy of Spider-Man who uses virtual reality to become her alter-ego.

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    Angelina Brancale.
    Angelina Brancale.

    Quiet and shy, Angelina Brancale was the typical outcast in high school. As she grew older, she never expected to amount to anything, and grew increasingly depressed. Working as a secretary, she was chosen by Doctor Octopus to be the guinea pig for his new virtual reality invention. The test was a success, and Angelina mentally created Stunner, the beautiful, thin woman she always wished she was.


    Stunner was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Mark Bagley in 1995 and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # 397.

    Major Story Arcs

    Web of Death

    Stunner eventually fell in love with Doctor Octopus. During her first outing as Stunner, she obliterated a bar filled with men, and battled Spider-Man. She was able to defeat him easily thanks to him having been infected by a virus from the Vulture. Following their fight, Stunner, along with Doctor Octopus, unmasked the super hero and discovered his true identity. Stunner and Doctor Octopus then created an elaborate plan after saving Peter Parker's life to have Doctor Octopus arrested by the police.

    The plan failed when Kaine entered, knocking Stunner out and proceeding to kill Doctor Octopus. Stunner later joins forces with detective Jacob Raven to find Kaine so Stunner can exact her revenge for killing the only man she loved. Stunner does indeed find Kaine, but is taken out early in the battle and vanishes when Spider-Man attempts to save her. Angelina then hopelessly ends her search for revenge, instead resigning herself to working in a movie-rental shop.

    Only the Evil Return!

    Lady Octopus later finds her and enlists her help to resurrect Doctor Octopus, and so she becomes Stunner once more. Working with The Rose, Delilah, and The Hand, they realize a human sacrifice is needed. Stunner immediately volunteers, thinking that since she is a virtual reality construct, her real body would not be affected. The resurrection succeeds, but Stunner melts away and Angelina slips into a coma.

    The Life -- and Death -- and Life of Doctor Octopus

    Doctor Octopus, discovering his beloved Stunner, created a shrine for her and continues to visit her. It is unknown if she will ever awaken.

    Superior Spider-Man

    Angelina eventually comes out of her coma. Having learned of the death of Otto Octavius, she seeks revenge on Spider-Man for killing him (Unaware that the two had switched bodies).

    Powers & Abilities

    In her Stunner persona, Angelina Brancale possesses superhuman strength, endurance, agility, and leaping ability. While her mind is implanted in the form of Stunner, she is able to sense her surroundings around her while in the Virtual Reality matrix. Stunner is able to escape from difficult situations by ending her VR session, thereby causing her Stunner form to vanish from its present location. At times however this can happen without Angelina's consent, causing her Stunner form to suddenly vanish.


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