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    Stryker was a member of Cyberforce and the leader of the mercenary team Strykeforce.

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     Stryker with Cyberforce
    Stryker with Cyberforce

    Major Morgan Stryker is a mutant soldier whose world was viciously torn apart after a dangerous military operation went wrong leaving him crippled and left for dead on the battlefield. Transformed by the evil Cyberdata Corporation, and aided by an experimental cybernetics procedure, Stryker was gifted with 3 fully functional cybernetic arms (replacing the 3 arms he lost in war) capable of lifting 10 tons each in addition to being individually upgradable for different operations. His right eye and ear, damaged beyond hope of saving, were replaced, giving him the ability to monitor ultrasonic frequencies as well as see into the infrared and microwave spectrum.

    After an op for Cyberdata where his head was damaged a surgeon removed the brainbox that Cyberdata used to control their cyborgs. Stryker and the scientist, realizing that the majority of the cyborgs must be under the thrall of Cyberdata due to these boxes removed several from other S.H.O.C.'s and Cyberforce was born.

    Morgan is a very capable leader but his desire to earn money caused him to create a secondary team just for this purpose that he dubbed Strykeforce. Strykeforce serves as bodyguards (protecting the President of the United States for a mere 1,000,000 dollars for each body guard), investigating team for the Weatherman on Skywatch, and other such duties. His dual team status caused much conflict between himself and Cyberforce Team leader Heatwave due to him not being around when needed, and also Stryker borrowing key equipment from Cyberforce and either bringing it back damaged or not at all. Cyberforce finally met the covert team Strykeforce and helped halt an alien invasion. Shortly after which Stryker disbanded the team.

    Stryker would stay with Cyberforce until they too disbanded.


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    Styrker is a mutant who was born with two extra arms both located on his right side (thus having three right arms). They were shredded during a mission gone bad along with the right side of his face. Cyberdata replaced the arms, his right eye, right ear and face with bionic implants. Stryker;s bionic limbs possess super strength and his bionic eye gives him super sight. He is also and expert marksman and is proficient with the use of various firearms


    Eyes: Blue (normal), red (cybernetic)

    Hair: Blond

    Height: 6' 4''

    Weight: 475 (with cybernetics)


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