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Stryfe's motivations for his actions in the X-Cutioner's Song are given more light when Professor X reviews the personal files of Stryfe. The first cameo concept of Holocaust is in this issue. Stryfe proves to be somewhat insightful as to where the X-Universe is heading.

This issue features the first appearances (or cameos if you will, since their character is only discussed and their image is seen on monitors) of the following character; Holocaust, Graydon Creed and Siena Blaze.


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An End and a Beginning 0

Being a completist, I have been searching for this comic since 1992.  I finally found it for 25 cents in 2010.  Shortly thereafter, I began finding it in every comic store I've visited - strange how that happens.  The issue serves its purpose well, and the writing, though defamed by some, is aptly written as the writings of the deluded and maniacal Stryfe.  It's challenging to view the X-world through the eyes of the recently-arrived crazy man.  The first appearance of Holocaust is here; perhaps...

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Garbage Reviews No 002 0

Wait a minute.... It's 2009... It's been 16 years since this book came out, and this book still isn't worth anything! The guy at the comic book store lied to me those many years ago! I even bagged AND boarded it!This garbage reads like Hasbros Upcoming X-Men Toys list. Reused art... ugh... There is some extra Prof. X stuff at the beginning and end, but not enough for me to spend the majority of my allowance on. The book cost $1.75 back then. I made $2 a week, yes my parents were cheap. I had .25...

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