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    Strongbow keeps the Wolfriders rooted in tradition.

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    The Wolf Riders are elves who are lead by Cutter son of Bear Claw. They ride and communicate with wolves who they treat as family members. Although most Elves have near eternal life, the Wolf Riders do not since their blood is mixed with that of the wolves. Never-the-less they still live for hundreds of years. They are also much shorter than their pure blood elf cousins.

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    Strongbow is an expert bow hunter. He is the youngest of the elder members in the original Wolfriders, among Treestump , One-Eye , Redlance In the original elfQuest, he challenges the authority of Cutter as elf-clan chief. In ElfQuest #8, he is captured by the Gliders, and he and Moonshade held as their prisoner inside of blue mountain. Strongbow's archery skills are unmatched. He even tied a rope around his arrow and shot his friend Shuna's hand in order to prevent descent into a doom-pit.


    Throughout ElfQuest: Shards, he and Go-Backs Krim & Skot (who had become wolfriders), ally with human green-shirted allied resistence to defeat the human tyrant. Strongbow teaches Krim & Skot about recognition. Strongbow is firmly rooted in his family, with Moonshade. He prefers to communicate only telepathically.


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