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    A mutant who possesses kinetic energy absorption powers as well as extraordinary strength and durability.

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    Exaggerated-upper body-man
    Exaggerated-upper body-man

    Guido Carosella was a typical kid who was tormented and bullied by others. That all changed the day his mutant powers developed. Guido has the ability to absorb kinetic energy. While trying to get away from some bullies, Guido was struck by a bus and absorbed the energy.

    Because he did not release the energy immediately, his body swelled and the growing muscles became disproportionate. Although Guido was no longer bullied by his peers, the gentle giant was still perceived as being different and separated from them. Soon after, his parents were in a freak accident when a satellite fell on them. Guido was able to settle out of court and received a huge sum of money. Unfortunately, he did not have good judgment when it came to spending his money. Soon his finances were just about depleted.


    Strong Guy was created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz and first appeared in The New Mutants Vol.1 issue 29 (1985).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The New Mutants

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    After Guido had spent most of the money he got in a court case, he became a fighter in the so called Arena Games. Here Guido fought other more grotesque mutants and aliens. This was when he first encountered the New Mutants and Magneto. After his adventure with the New Mutants, Guido stopped as a fighter in the Arena and became a bodyguard for the intergalactic mutant rock star, Lila Cheney. He fullfilled this role for a long time, sporting a buttler-like costume. He remained Lila Cheney's faithfull servant until Lila left the Earth, and Guido was once again looking for a new purpose in life.

    Shadow King

    When the Shadow King takes control of many of the world's most prominent heroes, Guido is among them. After fighting some members of the X-Men, he regains control of his own mind and then aids the X-men and X-factor in defeating the Shadow King for good. As a result, Cyclops takes note of Guido's talents and he is listed as a potential member of the X-Factor team.


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    Some time later, Guido is recruited by the U.S. government to become a member of the new incarnation of X-Factor. At a press conference, he reveals his new superhero name: Strong Guy. He also develops a strong bond with fellow team member Jamie Madrox, A.K.A Multiple Man, on account of their shared sense of humour.

    While on a mission with X-Factor, Guido throws himself on a bomb, absorbing the blast, in order to protect Lila Cheney. Upon absorbing more energy than his body can handle, he suffers a heart attack and is hospitalised. After being healed by Forge, Guido decides to accompany Lila Cheney in her travels rather than return to X-Factor.

    The Arena

    Guido is later seen in Tokyo, as part of a mutant fighting club called the Arena, in which the mutant fighters are secretly slaves. He comes into contact with Storm and helps her take down the enslavers.

    X-Factor Investigations

    A new Team
    A new Team

    After moving to New York City, Strong Guy becomes a member of the newest incarnation of the X-Factor team, which operates as a detective agency called X-Factor Investigations. Whilst there, he forms a protective bond with the cryptic mutant Layla Miller. Guido visits a hypnotist to see if it is possible for him to stop the constant pain that he feels because of his powers. Singularity Investigations intervenes, however, and had the hypnotist turns him into a sleeper agent. Whilst Guido is in this state, Layla Miller can't use her precognitive abilities to see into his future.

    Suspicions arise regarding Guido's mental state after he unwittingly kills X-Factor ally Henry Buchanun after receiving a mysterious phone call. M's attempt at a telepathic diagnosis causes Guido's evil sleeper agent personality to come forth, but he is stopped by Quicksilver. It is later revealed by Doc Samson that there never really was a second personality, and that the killer inside surfaced a result of Guido's constant efforts to hide the pain he feels because of his powers.

    World War Hulk

    During World War Hulk, Guido goes toe-to-toe with the Hulk. When he absorbs the energy from one of the Hulk's punches, it almost overloads him immediately. Emma Frost advises Guido that if he takes another punch, it will probably kill him.


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    Whilst on a job to protect J. Jonah Jameson from assassination, Guido is shot in the heart. His teammate M takes him to the hospital, during witch he tells her he is in love with her. He however dies in the hospital, leaving behind many traumatized friends. A short time later however, Guido seems completely healthy once again without any knowledge of how it happened. It is later revealed that he was revived by Layla Miller. As a result of this revival he however no longer has a soul. Although Guido stayed with the team at first, he became increasingly angered by his teammates. it came to a heat when Guido's date with M (whom finally acknowledged her feelings towards him too) went wrong. During one operation, Guido told his teammates that they should stay out of his way and he left the team with no trace to where he went.

    Hell on Earth War

    For some time, Guido became the King of Hell
    For some time, Guido became the King of Hell

    Jezebel recruited Guido into her service, aiming to kill Tier before the Hell on Earth War began and thus avert the conflict. They failed, and the Hell-Lords went to war, each aiming to kill Tier and thus become King of Hell. During the conflict, it was discovered that Tier had the ability to kill the Hell-Lords. Mephisto decides that such a thing changes the rules of the conflict, and instead focuses on conquering his rival Hell-Lords. M, who had developed a brain issue, dies during a fight with Guido. After Mephisto successfully takes over the world, X-Factor puts up a last-ditch effort to depose the demon and save Earth. As Tier and Mephisto are about to have their final showdown, Guido kills Tier and becomes the King of Hell. He puts the world back how it was before and resurrects M. Guido however remains in Hell as the King. He recently encountered the newest Thunderbolts team, when they where transported there.

    Death of X

    Strong Guy was seen again on Muir Island during the events of Death of X, in which the ' Terrigen Mists caused mutants to get sick or even die. Strong Guy was seen, seemingly normal again, on Muir Island where he and former X-Factor teammate Wolfsbane morned the loss of their friend and leader Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.

    Inhumans versus X-Men

    In the wake of Death of X, Strong Guy joined the combined X-Men groups in their assault on the Inhuman city New Attilan, when the mutants learned that the Terrigen Mist would spread globally, rendering the Earth uninhabitable for mutants.

    New Mutants, death and Krakoa

    Guido joined the corporate New Mutants team led by Karma to investigate paranormal activities. At the end he was infected by the Warlock virus. Later, he and other New Mutants were rescued by Cyclops and Wolverine, reforming the X-Men, after the apparent death of most of his members. Strong Guy died during this event, but was recently resurrected and joined Krakoa nation.

    Powers and Abilities

    Guido is superhumanly strong. He can military press about 50 tons under normal conditions, but when an object in motion comes in contact with him, he absorbs the kinetic energy and becomes stronger for a short time. Guido must release this energy inside him by using his strength at full power for a few seconds, and that can drain him of the increase. Guido can only store the kinetic energy for about 90 seconds (1 1/2 minutes) before he becomes permanently deformed from the increase in muscle mass.

    Guido is considerably durable also. His durability becomes greater when his muscle tissue increases. Bullets have virtually no effect on Guido, but some powerful explosives can harm him.

    Guido is nearsighted and wears corrective glasses. Guido also has a heart condition that does not allow him to put too much strain on his body or else he will suffer a major heart attack

    Other Media



    X-Men: The Animated Series
    X-Men: The Animated Series
    • Strong Guy appears in the X-Men: The Animated Series episode "Cold Comfort." Iceman's beloved girlfriend Lorna Dane was thought to be abducted by the X-Factor. Unknowingly, Polaris is really one of their members and not abducted. He brought Jubilee with him to help him rescue his beloved girlfriend but Strong Guy appeared and blocked them. Iceman have used his powers to freeze Strong Guy but his unparalleled strength was enough to break the ice, free himself and defeat Iceman. The X-Men have then arrived to help the two of them but only led to a fight between them and the X-Factor who knows the potentials of the team's abilities. Later on, Forge as the team leader surfaced to reveal that they are not enemies but a government influenced team called X-Factor. The fight had then finished and it was clear to everyone what the situation is all about.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Strong Guy was featured in ToyBiz's Uncanny X-Men action figure line during the 1990s.
    • Strong Guy was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Strong Guy bust.
    • Strong Guy was the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.

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