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    The Court of Owls' Talon from the 1940s, who was a victim of secret Japanese attacks on US soil in World War II. She has recently joined the Birds of Prey and the Secret Six

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    Mary Turner became an orphan when one of the Japanese fire balloons detonated in Oregon in the mid-1940s, killing her family. Left disfigured by the attack, she was picked up by Haly's Circus where, despite her injuries, she became a talented aerialist. She was later offered to the Court of Owls as a potential Talon, a role that she gladly accepted.


    Strix (originally only known as Mary) was created by Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf for The Night of the Owls crossover. The use of the Japanese World War II fire balloon attacks in Strix's origin was used by Simone due to her living in the Northwest United States and finding this rarely mentioned tidbit of history interesting.

    Major Story Arcs

    Night of the Owls

    Mary's face unmasked
    Mary's face unmasked

    Awoken when the Court of Owls waged war against Batman and his allies, Mary soon comes into contact with Barbara Gordon, but for some reason, decides not to kill her, given the chance. Later, when balloon bombs, similar to those that disfigured her, reign down on Gotham, Mary comes into contact with Batgirl again, ending in defeat when Batgirl decides to push her off a building, knowing Mary's healing factor will save her from dying. When Batgirl asks why she didn't kill her before, Mary, being mute, writes in her blood that she saw a part of herself in Batgirl, both hiding behind masks.


    Somehow, Mary did not get picked up to be put back into cryo-freezing under Blackgate Penitentiary like the majority of the Talons. Instead, she was picked up somewhere outside of Gotham, and locked within a prison. Before she could be transferred, the Court of Owls hired Catwoman to break Mary out, and return her to one of the Court's leaders, still in hiding. Batgirl, who was tracking down a Court of Owls conspiracy to burn down slums purchased by Bruce Wayne, comes in contact with the duo, as Mary is returned to the Court. Deciding to not live up to their end of the bargain, the Court master sics Mary, and numerous other Talons to kill both Catwoman and Batgirl. She obeyed, and attacked both heroines, but when one of the Talons put a blade to Catwoman's throat, Batgirl managed to reason with Mary, who managed to save Catwoman from being killed. The Court master then put a gun with cryo-bullets to Mary's head, threatening to kill her, but with the police alerted to the conflict, the Court of Owl higher-ups demanded that he commit suicide to leave no trace of their involvement, to which he obeyed. With the other Talons scattered, the trio of women are all that were left. Catwoman, who had grown to like Mary, offered to distract the police, making Batgirl promise to take her somewhere safe. Batgirl agreed, and as Catwoman went outside to confront the police, both Batgirl and Mary fled.

    Batgirl later suggested a name for Mary: Strix, which translates from Latin as "owl".

    Birds of Prey

    Strix and the Birds of Prey
    Strix and the Birds of Prey

    When Batgirl, Black Canary and Starling return from Japan, having lost Katana as a member of the Birds of Prey, Batgirl suggested a fourth teammate, reminding them that despite her betrayal, former teammate Poison Ivy served a specific purpose. With that said, Batgirl introduced Strix to Starling and Canary's surprise. However, Condor (who helped them in Japan) attacked Strix mistaking her for an enemy. Strix lashed out, but was calmed by Batgirl.

    On another mission, Black Canary retrieved information that a former Basilisk agent was breaking out of prison. The Birds headed out to the prison and attempted to sneak in when Black Canary lost control of her Canary Cry, and destroyed the building and Gotham's power station. In response to this, Strix perceived Canary as a threat and attacked her. As Starling called Amanda Waller to restore power, they were attacked by Heartstoppers, robot drones that send direct lasers to the heart - attacks Strix is invulnerable to as a result of her healing abilities. When the team split up, Strix grabbed one of the drones and aimed it at Black Canary, silently demanding answers. The conflict between the two is finally resolved when Black Canary explains herself.

    During a training session at Black Canary's dojo, the Birds were suddenly attacked by Mr. Freeze. Talons of the Court of Owls were being hunted by Mr. Freeze in his revenge against them. The Birds defended Strix, and in turn to this, Freeze seemingly kidnapped Starling and demanded them to send Strix to the place she was reborn in exchange for Starling's life. In compliance, the Birds were lead by an initially reluctant Strix to the laboratory where she'd been revived, only to discover they were tricked into leading Freeze to this base. It is later discovered this set-up was devised with the help of Freeze's friend and one of their own, Starling.

    Personal Data


    • Height: Unrevealed.
    • Weight: Unrevealed.
    • Eye color: Brown.
    • Hair color: Brown.


    Identity: Secret.

    Place of Birth: Oregon, U. S. A.

    Citizenship: American.

    Marital Status: Single.

    Education: Unrevealed.

    Occupation: Former assassin.

    Powers & Abilities

    Like all Talons of the Court of Owls, Strix possesses immortality, invulnerability and a healing factor in addition to superior strength, agility, reflexes, enhanced senses and peak stamina. As a former assassin, Strix is a trained killer taught to master martial arts, and trained in unarmed hand-to-hand combat as well as in stealth, speed, defense and acrobatics.


    Strix uses a pair of swords when necessary in combat and she keeps her nails sharp and hard enough to engrave messages on the ground.


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