Striker Z

    Character » Striker Z appears in 22 issues.

    Danny Tsang developed Super powers after an on set accident as he was working as a stuntman in the Hong Kong film industry.

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    When Danny Tsang was involved in an accident on the set of a movie he was filming, his body became a living battery. As a result he found himself able to fuel various high tech devices designed by his friend Charlie Lau, an ex - S.T.A.R. Labs engineer and special effects expert. Travelling to the United States, Danny dreamed of the stardom his newfound powers would afford him. Dubbed Striker Z by his agent, Danny found himself working for a super powered law firm named Power Company. After joining Power Company, Danny began to receive offers to star in television commercials. While he enjoys being a costumed champion, Striker Z remains uncertain as to whether he's in the hero game for fame and fortune or more altruistic motives.

    Powers: Striker is human bio-energy battery.(living battery).

    Striker carries a variety of devices powered by his bio-energy.


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