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Formed to fight against the invading aliens known as The Horde, the original Strikeforce Morituri members were Vyking, Blackthorne, Snapdragon, Radian, Marathon and Adept all whom received superpowers from Dr. Kimmo Tuolema's "Morituri Process". Before Strikeforce Morituri, there was another group empowered by the same process called The Black Watch.


Strikeforce Morituri were created by Peter Gillis and Brent Anderson and first appeared in Strikeforce: Morituri #1.

Team Evolution

Due to the nature of the team's power inheriting also ensuring their death, it meant that the team was constantly recruiting replacements. The second generation of Morituris were Scaredycat, Toxyn and Scatterbrain and they joined the remnants of the team in #8 (although they first appeared in #5). The third generation arrived in #13 consisting of Backhand, Brava, Hardcase, Silencer, Shear and Wildcard and were forced to fight the remaining Morituris from the first and second generation.


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