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    Strike (formerly Warstrike) is a freelance investigator with ultra abilities.

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    Many ultras feel the need to turn to crime or heroics, however when Brandon Tark discovered he could predict the future through probabilities, he decided to turn mercenary and earned a vast fortune. However, he soon learned his own abilities are based on adrenaline, and he became addicted to the rush. Thus, to continue to gain that feeling he continues to place himself in dangerous situations. Along the way he met Mantra who he became infatuated with, unaware of Mantra's secret of being Lukasz.


    Powers and abilities

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    Warstrike possesses the ability to read probabilities and thus predict outcomes before they happen. Known as "The Wire", when Brandon access his abilities he's "Going on the wire", a phenomenon that is extremely addicting to him. He is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and skilled with the use of multiple forms of firearms, explosives, and tactics.

    In addition Brandon's powers have a strong "healing" effect tied into alternate probabilities where he didn't get hurt or killed.


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