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1st Strike Force Kobra

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The terrorist mastermind known as Kobra would create a cadre of meta-humans which he named Strike Force for a elaborate theft at Stagg Enterprises. Kobra secretly had two operatives infiltrate Simon Stagg's operations and another to infiltrate the superhero team, the Outsiders. Stagg's than assistant Java than incapacitated the hero Metamorpho, taking him out for Kobra. Java would have his own personal motives to gain Stagg's daughter Sapphire romantic attention. However Kobra's had planed for the other agent disguised as an employee, Parker, to gain access to Stagg's technology.

However, Kobra's strategically placed moles at Stagg Enterprises would betray him. Java reasserted his loyalty to Stagg and proved his intentions he than freed Metamorpho. This tipped the scales in favor of the Outsiders just in time to fight Parker, who had been transformed into the bizarre Spectrumonster.

In this new energy creature form Parker would go insane and went berserk. He was dispersed by a black light ray, apparently permanently. Afterwards, Rex and Sapphire adopted Parker's orphaned daughter, Karen. Clayface escaped to menace Batman again; the others have never re-appeared.

2nd Strike Force Kobra

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Kobra would later form a new team led by loyal paramour Eve. Her team included former Outsiders female foes; Syonide II, Fauna, Windfall and Dervish. Also, Kobra had rescued Halo's dead body and revived it with the same powers as Halo, calling this entity Spectra. This team was easily beaten by the Eradicator's new band of Ousiders and Syonide was also killed by him. When Eve disparately called Kobra for his assistant, he requested that they turn themselves into the authorities rather than commit the act of suicide. Both Dervish and Eve were imprisoned and Windfall, who had been manipulated by Spectra, rejoined the Outsiders. Spectra in Halo's original body than escaped and has not been seen. The magical Fauna was mystically teleported away and punished by death by her evil father Felix Faust.

Presumably, this incident drove a rift between Eve and Kobra, as they have become bitter enemies. (see Power Company: Sapphire) Dervish resurfaced briefly when the Joker wrought havoc in the Slab

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