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Hiryu is a ninja prodigy who was the youngest Strider, a ninja warrior, to receive a Special A-Class rank. He first appeared in Kadokawa Shoten's manga and has been in several fighting games. Strider's sword is based off of the Tonpha. The Tonpha is a weapon that requires quick movement from one grip to another. Strider has made appearances in Marvel vs Capcom and several other Capcom games.


  • Name: Strider Hiryu
  • Origin: Strider
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2,021 years
  • Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities

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Hiryu is an incredible acrobat displaying feats of both agility and speed. He spent time training so that he could move freely in any position, such as climbing, falling, and sliding.

Hiryu possess great speed as he has been shown to dodge Shadow-Tag bullets, a special type of bullets used to track and kill hypersonic targets like Hiryu. He has also been shown to attack faster than his opponent can see, and move across large distances in the blink of an eye, outrun mines as he stepped on them, and is implied to have outran a large explosion while standing next to it.

Hiryu has displayed great strength as he has also been shown to cut through human limbs easily with his bare hands.

His main signature weapon is his Cypher. Cypher is a plasma sword that channels Hiryu's inner energy into a blade, and is capable of firing arrows and waves of that energy.

Hiryu has been shown to use elemental attacks. In 'Spark Ball', he sends an electric spark through the ground to his enemy. He can also send a fireball at his enemies.

In 'Ragnarok' he is shown to duplicate himself, as multiple Hiryu's attack his opponent at the same time.


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