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    Hiryu is the main character in the 1989 arcade game Strider. With superhuman mastery of martial arts, he is easily one of the best ninjas in manga and video games.

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    Hiryu is a special agent known as a Strider, Striders are an elite team of ninja mercenaries as well as a secret organization specializing in kidnapping, assassination, demolition, and other types of missions that they have performed throughout history in service of the greater good. They are one of the world's most influential secret maneuvering groups, and are considered the descendants of the ninja from feudal Japan.

    Little is known about Hiryu's past. He was born in a Tungus village in the year 2030, an orphan who never knew his parents. He was drafted into the Striders' hellish training program at a young age, and quickly achieved the top position in every category, displaying skills far superior to those of his peers. He became the youngest member in the group's history to achieve the highest rank in the organization, Special A Class. Hiryu favors the plasma sword Cypher as his weapon of choice, which he can freely use from any position.

    Strider (Arcade)

    In the year 2042, an evil alien super genius by the name of Grandmaster Meio appeared and, in five years time, had taken over the nations of Earth, and exerts control over the human race with an iron fist and powerful militia. Having uncovered the secrets of life in the Amazon, Meio plans to construct his super city, the Third Moon, and cause a mass extinction event on Earth, seeing it as nothing more than his own plaything, and creating his own lifeforms to populate his new world. In 2048, A resistance force comes to the Striders to stop Meio's diabolical plans. Hiryu is tasked to take down Meio and his machinations.

    Strider 2

    2000 years after his defeat, however, the Grandmaster is resurrected into a world inhabited by his created lifeforms, and where he's worship as their god. The Striders assign Hiryu with the mission to eliminate him once again. This Hiryu is said to carry the same code name of the "Strider who defeated Meio" in the past, but any further connection between them is unknown. Shortly after the mission is given, however, the Striders are wiped out by the act of Strider Hien, a comrade and friend of Hiryu who released Meio from his burial chamber. Rather than lingering over his feelings for the organization, Hiryu decides to carry out the Striders' final mission even if this pits him against the entire world.

    Strider (2014)

    In this retelling of the classic Strider tale, Hiryu is the latest in a line of agents sent to assassinate Grandmaster Meio, a mysterious being who suddenly appeared on Earth and, after forging a large military force led by General Mikiel, took over the whole world. Before Hiryu, 11 other Striders were sent to infiltrate Kazakh City (Meio's seat of power) and kill him, but no one returned alive. In the year of "Meio 0048", Hiryu makes his move and infiltrates Kazakh City alone to carry out his assignment.


    • Name: Strider Hiryu
    • Origin: Strider
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 2,021 years
    • Classification: Human

    Powers and Abilities

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    • Hiryu is an incredible acrobat displaying feats of both agility and speed. He spent time training so that he could move freely in any position, such as climbing, falling, and sliding.
    • Hiryu possess great speed as he has been shown to dodge Shadow-Tag bullets, a special type of bullets used to track and kill hypersonic targets like Hiryu. He has also been shown to attack faster than his opponent can see, and move across large distances in the blink of an eye, outrun mines as he stepped on them, and is implied to have outran a large explosion while standing next to it.
    • Hiryu has displayed great strength as he has also been shown to cut through human limbs easily with his bare hands.
    • His main signature weapon is his Cypher. Cypher is a plasma sword that channels Hiryu's inner energy into a blade, and is capable of firing arrows and waves of that energy.
    • Hiryu has been shown to use elemental attacks. In 'Spark Ball', he sends an electric spark through the ground to his enemy. He can also send a fireball at his enemies.
    • In 'Ragnarok' he is shown to duplicate himself, as multiple Hiryu's attack his opponent at the same time.

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