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    The Strength Force is an extradimensional energy in DC Universe similar to the Speed Force aswell plays an important role to Its multiverse a force that is a fundemental piece of DC Multiverse, defining key part of making Space itself function which supports DC Universe to a whole functional reality along the other forces and It grants the users the ability to control Gravity, Mass and Force. The Strength Force resembles the Speed Force having multiple definitions explaining the laws of physics in Rebirth

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    Alexa Antigone - Fuerza
    Alexa Antigone - Fuerza

    The Strength Force introduced by Hunter Zolomon Is very much like the Speed Force, Its an early concept that has been introduced In DC Rebirth ''Flash War'' Written by Joshua Williamson It Is the source of all Strength such as Gravity, Mass and Force the abilitys given to the hosts is not certain, It is dependent on their knowledge about the Strength Force and the connection to it.

    When Hunter Zolomon tricked Wally West into breaking the force barrier which freed the trapped forces including the Strength Force itself. It has been described by Hunter Zolomon based on his studies on the Trapped Forces, that the Strength Force along the others have existed and been around since the creation of the multiverse itself while there has been mentions of multiple avatars from the Trapped Forces, they remained extinct due to a War in the past known as Force War where all the Avatars of each Force fought eachother over the ability of their forces to interact with the presence however they remained defeated along the other Forces which lead them to being trapped, the Speed Force however remained Undefeated and untrapped

    As a godlike pseudo-intelligence and as a sort of location or dimension that exists on another plane of reality similarly to the Speed Force. Regardless, it is the power source for the people who have been chosen by the Strengthforce or granted its Energy.

    Hunter Zolomon - Zoom/Flash
    Hunter Zolomon - Zoom/Flash

    Little has been explained for the Strength Force,It is uncertain of what else it can show or do but for now it is Equal to the Speed Force since All the forces are linked to The Forever Force that hasn't been explained or explored yet all that is known is that It is above all the Forces

    The Strength Force allows users to enter the Strength Force through a Extra Dimensional Rift, rather than Travelling inside of it they Summon it through their inner focused Strength by causing a distortion in Reality with their sheer Strength. It has shown that various abilities has been given to different hosts such as Geokinesis, Gravity Control and Invincibility a few example of Its various abilitys.

    Fuerza the Main avatar of the Strength Force has claimed that the Strength Force has potentional Limitless Energy that shifts its energy to any Strength that is required to lift, adapt and sustain by any means related to Laws of Physics such as Mass, Gravity and Force

    Characters associated with the Strength Force

    Hunter Zolomon - Releasor Of The Strength Force
    Hunter Zolomon - Releasor Of The Strength Force
    • Hunter Zolomon The First Flash to harness the Strength Force who was known as Zoom arch enemy of Wally West as The Flash in Pre Flashpoint Era, while actively (and unconsciously) channelling the Strength Force, After Wally West broke the Force Barrier allowing Hunter to enter the Force Dimension where he obtained the Two trapped Forces before releasing them back to presence, hunter is able to control the Strength Force within him far better than anyone yet he had zero experience with it but managed to utilize it to a greater potent along the Sageforce
    • Alexa Antigone known as Fuerza from the South American Nation of Corto Maltese, where she is an anarchist who battles against the corruption of Corto Maltese. She is a conduit of the The Strength Force after being chosen by the its consciousness she was struck by an Earthquake lead to Alexa being trapped underground, that the Strength Force caused, She's capable of using the Strength Force effectively she has the ability to affect Space with controlling gravity but her preferration of this power remained unsubmitted and decided to channel its energy into controlling her attributes


    Fuerza Entering The Strength Force Dimension
    Fuerza Entering The Strength Force Dimension

    The Strength Force serves as the primary indicator of force in the DC Universe. While The Speed Force may have multiple barriers and that the Strength Force does not referr to those Barriers, instead it has a Strength indicator that referrs to the amount of Gravity, Force and Mass depending on their Strength they could cause compact mass which deforms spacetime to form a blackhole, which is an example of what various potentional of the Strength Force can be done via their manipulation, Seemingly the Strength Force seems to be Infinite Values in terms of Mass, Force and Gravity having Its energy to be very catastrophic to spacetime if used irresponsively it does introduce several powers to the avatars and strength force powered persons.

    The Strength Force can be used to various effect including Gravity manipulation, Attribute Increase, Solid Constructs used through the Strength Force, Invulnerability and Strength Absoprtion/Stealing. It also provides the avatar the ability to function at unnatural mass without the laws of physics stopping them. Those within the Strength Force are gifted with invulnerability making them most likely able to tank anything. It also enhances their bodys such as lungs, muscle tissue and durability,

    List of granted abilities by The Strength Force

    • Dimensional Travel: After meeting the Flash, Fuerza has so far become experienced with her powers so well she discovered the ability to open a gateway to the Strength Force Dimension with her strength.
    • Gravity Manipulation: Alexa has control over gravity granted by the Strength Force, however she explicitly decides relying it on her fists more than her gravity control while Hunter has shown controlling gravity with the Strength Force by putting Wally West and Barry Allen in a Deadstop while moving at incredible speeds.
    • Solid Constructs: After Hunter claimed the Strength Force, He controlled the gravity of solid matter that allowed him to form Ground shattering Gauntlets around his hands that possessed incredible power output allowing him to destroy mostly everything in his path.
    • Invulnerability: Alexa is invulnerable to most of the impact and damage. She passively has this invulnerability in one exception when she taps into the Strength aspect of her body she sacrifices some of her invulnerability in exchange for strength.
    • Superhuman Strength: Due to her connection to the Strength Force, Alexa wields incredible strength level. She can create massive shockwaves by punching the ground, lift a tank with no struggle, capable of creating a cavern in a mountain with her bare hands. She also believes she could move a mountain and she haven't discovered the connection with the Strengthforce, no doubt is the Strength Force limitless, Hunter Zolomon channelled The Strength Force at such powerful levels that a single punch on each member of the Justice league managed to knock them out cold with ease.
    • Super-Leaping: Due to her connection to the Strength Force, Alexa managed to leap hundreds of meters into the air by using her powerful leg muscles.
    • Mass Manipulation: Trickter who once had the Strength Force before, Measured his mass which were magnificently increased for each time he used the Strength Force's Mass aspect of his body.
    • Physical Force Manipulation: Barry Allen who got struck by the Strength Force managed to manipulate Physical Force, forcing trickster via Force manipulation, moving trickers towards him which caused an explosion as two various limitless forces met that caused an Chain reaction resulting an explosion.
    • Strength Stealing/Absorption: Barry Allen managed to Absorb the Strength of Tricksters increased Mass and Weight it forced him to return him back to his normal self and loose the Strength Force which weakened him spontaneously.

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