Character » Strega appears in 14 issues.

    Pentacle's counterpart to Enchantress and Doctor Gatham's minion.

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    Strega is the leader of the Pentacle, the counterpart to Enchantress. She first appeared trapping the town of Riverrock inside an impenetrable bubble of blood. Her goal was use part of the local population as human sacrifices for a necromancy spell to summon a demonic entity. She calmly explained to the town people exactly what she needed them for and concluded "Keep in mind that we're immeasurably more powerful than you. So there's no shame in submitting meekly to your fate." Enchantress later used her own powers against her to destroy the bubble. Strega escaped. She freed Dr. Gotham. She then hired multiple magical hit-men to destroy or distract the Shadowpact, including Blue Moon, the Wild Huntsman, and Congregation.

    While the Shadowpact were distracted, Dr. Gotham and Strega worked to free the Sun King. Whereas Strega had tried to sacrifice hundreds to bring the Sun King across in his full power, Dr. Gotham knew only one sacrifice was really needed. He gave Strega advanced cancer, which killed her within minutes. This brought a tiny fraction of the Sun King across the dimensional border.

    Powers and Abilities

    Strega is a sorceress, skilled in the field of necromancy. Her spells are powered by blood, and require human sacrifice. She has extreme longevity.


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