Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

    Movie » Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li released on February 27, 2009.

    The second live action Street Fighter movie

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    Chun-Li at her youth has moved from California to Hong Kong with her family. While practicing to one day become a pianist, she also learns how to do Wushu from her father, Xiang. Her life was great until her father was abducted by M. Bison's henchmen. Years later Chun-Li did became a successful pianist after the concert she receives a mysterious scroll written in Chinese text. Meanwhile in Bangkok, Xiang is alive and is forced to work for M. Bison. M. Bison on the other hand had successfully obtain control over the Shadaloo headquarters. On the next day a Thai detective named Maya meets an interpol agent named Nash who are both on a case involving the mysterious murder of various crime family syndicates. Nash knows that it is the handy work of the Shadaloo company. Back in Hong Kong, Chun-Li has the scroll translated by someone who informs her to travel to Bangkok and meet a man named Gen. She leaves her home and ends up living in the slums for several days hoping to find Gen. One day she gets into a fight with some thugs which left her unconscious and an exhausted, she then finds herself being escorted to some where safe by the man she was looking for, Gen. He informs her that he used to been friends with Bison and know how she can save her father which requires her to learn some martial arts.

    During her training Chun-Li learns more about M. Bison, including his company, and how he is holding various families of property holders as hostages and will release them in exchange of a property deed. During a steak out she listens to a conversation between a property holder and Balroq one of M. Bison's men about allowing a shipment of "White rose" to be delivered at the docks. Later that night, Chun-Li enters a night club and confronts M. Bison's secretary: Cantana. She obtains the info she needed on White Rose and escaped from the charging Shadaloo thugs and Maya & Nash. After the incident Cantana received punishment from M. Bison by being used as his punching bag. Chun-Li returns to Gen to learn about M. Bison's origin. Bison was the son of Irish missionaries, grew up orphaned and spent his whole life as a thief. Years later in a means of becoming pure evil Bison killed his pregnant wife and transferred his conscious into his prematurely born daughter. After chun-Li left for some sopping errands, Gen was attacked by Shadaloo thugs and then his whole home was blown up by Balroq's RPG. While Chun-Li ended up being pursued by Vega another Bison henchman whom she defeated by leaving him hanging on the side of a building.

    The next day Chun-Li searchs for answers from a harbor employee on the shipment of White Rose. She returns to the shipping yard that night only to fall for M. Bison's trap. She then finds herself tied up and brought to an undisclosed house where she is reunited with her father. The reunion was cut short when Bison snapped Xiang's neck and he died on the spot. After Bison and Balroq left the house, Chun-Li used her martial arts skills to knock out the guards and make her escape. Upon escaping Balroq attempted to shoot her down only to have shot her arm. Now reunited with Gen who heals Chun-Li's wounds and gives her more training. Despite that Nash is no longer on the Shadaloo case, he was secretly asked by Chun-Li to back her up on taking down M. Bison. Nash, Chun-Li, Maya, & a SWAT team arrived at the shipping yard only to find themselves in a middle of a shoot out by the Shadaloo company. Maya got wounded in the battle, but her SWAT team managed to triumph against all odds.

    Chun-Li enters a docke ship to find Bison, upon her search she sees a girl speaking Russian whom she just left her as she was cause Chun-Li believe the girl is no threat to her. On the other side of the ship Gen is in a fight against Balroq. The fight ends with Balroq being impaled with a nitrogen pipe. Bison takes the Russian speaking girl who he mentions is his own daughter named Rose. The shipment of White Rose turn out to be refering to M. Bison daughter the whoel time. He flees with Rose to a helicopter hoping to escape. Chun-Li and the allies head over to Shadaloo headquarters, Nash takes Rose out to safety while Chun-Li and Gen fight against Bison. After a long battle Chun-Li hits Bison with a bamboo pole and dropped sandbags on him leaving him in a stunned state. She then twisted his neck and fires a Krikoken sending his body off of a scaffold. Nash informs Chun-Li to leave the scene before the police arrive which she did. Now home again in Hong Kong, Chun-Li receives a visit by Gen himself who shows her a newspaper advertising a Street Fight tournament. After he informs her of a skill opponent named Ryu, Chun-Li declines the offer to enter as she would rather spend some time at home instead of entering a tournament.


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    Chun-Li's OVA Movie 0

    First off, this isn’t the first time they changed her story line. So I just want everyone to know that this is an OVA movie.Ok, I’ve only heard bad things about this movie, and that’s because it’s an OVA. What’s an OVA you ask? Original video animation. That’s when they make a movie or TV series that has it’s own story line of a Main Story. So, when I saw it on Blu-ray, I just had to get it! I’m a Street Fighter fan and I’ve seen most of the movies. So, I had to get it.Right from the start you c...

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