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Chun-li & crew run across both the deadly assassin Gen and kung-fu movie sensation Fei Long! What clues will they reveal about Sagat and Shadaloo’s latest caper? It’s Hong Kong action all the way as Chun-li demonstrates why she deserves to be called a Street Fighter legend!


The issue opens in Hong Kong, ten years before the events of the previous two issues. A group of toughs, including a Chinese man wearing glasses, are selling a truckload of drugs to a skeezy looking guy in a dark alleyway. Skeezy tells Glasses that the word on the street is that someone has hired a psycho to kill him, but Glasses just points to his massive bodyguard, Mongo, standing behind him and says that whoever the hired killer is, he isn't concerned.

Suddenly, stepping out of the shadows, an old man stands before them. He tells them he will be glad to give them the name. "Gen." He says, identifying himself.

Gen then begins his attack, taking down every one - Mongo included - that tries to stop him. Finally, he stands before the man he has been hired to kill, and, with a poke to his throat, completes the task.

The time frame returns to the present, and Gen and Dorai sit within the restaurant from the previous issue. Dorai tells Gen that he is there on business, and with a smile Gen replies that he always thought what kept their friendship alive was the fact that they didn't talk "business."

Dorai agrees, but says that he's desperate for leads. He knows something big is about to go down, and hoped Gen's old connections might be of help. Gen tells him that he can't help him because he has removed himself from that world ever since something occurred which he is ashamed of, and which robbed him of THE KILLING INTENT. He says that in his line of work, being without that is like being a tiger without teeth and claws. The restaurant is now his life, Gen says, and while he has heard something big is imminent, he is out of the loop and he knows not what that something is.

Thanking him, Dorai leaves, saying that he is glad they are no longer on opposite sides of the law. Gen agrees and says that Dorai and Chun Li are always welcome. As Dorai leaves, however, Gen spies another car, following him.

The next day, Chun Li and Po Lin have been following some Shadaloo-linked Triads, when they finally make their move and rob a laundromat. After a brief exchange of bullets, Po Lin has handcuffed one suspect who has taken a slug in the shoulder, and Chun Li is working on handcuffing the other one. Demanding to know what Sagat is up to, Po Lin starts choking her suspect, and Chun Li, worried that Po Lin is going to kill the man, lets her attention wander a bit too much. Her suspect manages to pull a weapon and escape under a hail of bullets.

Later that day, Fei Long is preparing to open a new exhibit which contains the largest collection of terracotta warriors outside of the China mainland, when suddenly he is challenged by a man in the crowd, who says that Fei Long is not a true martial artist, but a clown performing in front of the cameras. He challenges Fei Long, declaring that he will take him down in front of everyone and expose him as a fake.

The police are called and Dorai is told to report to the scene of the fight. Before he can get there, however, Fei Long has already finished things with a flaming DRAGON ARC KICK, knocking his opponent cold.

Fei Long tells Dorai that he won't be pressing charges - this sort of thing happens to him all the time - but Dorai says he'll still have to come downtown and fill out a report.

Meanwhile, two Shadaloo toughs take pictures of the scene, one telling the other that Sagat won't be happy that there are cops hanging out at the museum. Later on the two thugs are showing the pictures to Sagat, who identifies Dorai. Sagat says that Dorai infiltrated Shadaloo and shut down the arms pipeline between Hong Kong and Beijing before he was discovered, greatly displeasing Bison. Worried that Dorai may have discovered their plans, Sagat assigns five armed men to watch him.

Later, Chun Li and Po Lin sit together at a restaurant. Po Lin apologizes to Chun Li, saying that it was her fault that one of the suspects escaped, and they were almost killed. Chun Li says that she understands - she doesn't know how she's react if she lost her father.

Po Lin holds up the uniform that they confiscated from the suspect and says that she hopes Dorai will be able to identify it. Arriving right then, Dorai does just that, saying that the museum guards were wearing that uniform. The uniform also triggers the realization that the work schedule found on the Shadaloo agents in issue #1 corresponds to the guard shift change at the museum. "They're planning on stealing the Terracotta statues!" Dorai exclaims.

In a garage across the street from the restaurant, Shadaloo thugs with high tech listening devices overhear Dorai's conversation with Chun Li and Po Lin and report it to Sagat. Sagat says that the plan is already in motion and orders his men to take out all three of them.

Back in the restaurant, Chun Li sees the telltale red dot of a sniper appear on her father's chest, and puts herself in the line of fire...



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