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Basic Plot:

The prequel series continues, as young police officers Chun-li and her partner Po-lin are hot on Shadaloo's trail. Plus, a pivotal moment occurs in the life of everyone's favorite loser, Dan Hibiki, as Dan's father faces off against the King of Muay Thai - Sagat!

Detailed Synopsis:

The issue begins two years previously, as Chun Li and Po Lin go through a shooting course at the Hong Kong Police Academy. Chun Li goes first and beats the best time, but then it's Po Lin's turn and she beats Chun Li's time. Next we see the two of them speeding through the academy, their only real competition one another (except in hand to hand, where not even Po Lin can compete with Chun Li). Then it's graduation day, and Dorai tells his daughter that he is very proud of her and thanks Po Lin for keeping Chun Li on her toes, telling her that she is the sister Chun Li always wanted. He snaps a picture of the two of them together, and then we're back in the present.

Chun Li (or "Chunners" as Po Lin calls her) and Po Lin are discussing what they know about Sagat. Chun Li says that "before hooking up with Shadaloo he was a decorated fighter, with countless championships under his belt." She says that why he joined up with Shadaloo is unknown, but that he has become central to their operations in Asia.

Elsewhere, the lawyer for the two Shadaloo thugs Chun Li and Po Lin took down last issue gets on his phone. He informs someone that he has retrieved the work schedule that one of the thugs had on him as Sagat requested, and that he will fax it to him shortly.

Later, at the Hibiki dojo, Dan and his father Go are preparing to lock up when Sagat enters the dojo with his Shadaloo toughs in tow. He says that there is something that he and Go have to address, but Go tells him that, unless he wants to sign up for classes, he has no business with Sagat and his men. Sagat says that any challenge to his men is a challenge to him and his authority. "You can see why this requires a response." Go responds that anything he wants, he'll have to take.

Turning to his men, Sagat tells them that they are not to interfere. At the same time Dan tells Go to show Sagat what the Hibiki school is made of, and with a thumbs up, Go tells his son that this will be quick.

Then the two men are fighting. Sagat quickly overwhelms Go, sending him crashing through his storefront window. Sagat then turns to his men, voicing his anger at them for being unable to subdue such a seemingly weak opponent themselves.

Sagat's words enrage Go, who flies at the Muy Thai fighter with a devastating jump kick. The attack connects, and its impact robs Sagat of his right eye.

Overcome with rage, Sagat unleashes his full barrage of "TIGER" attacks on Go, brutally beating the man to death in front of his son, Dan. "BASTARD!" Dan screams, flinging himself at Sagat, but the massive Muy Thai fighter catches him by his face and flings him aside. As Sagat and his Shadaloo toughs walk away, Dan vows to one day be strong enough to avenge his father. "FATHER!" He cries.

Later, the police are on the scene, including Chun Li, Po Lin and Dorai. They ask Dan if Sagat is the man who killed his father, but Dan says that the only one who has business with his father's killer is Dan, himself. "My father took his eye, and one day I'll be there to finish what he started!" Dorai tells Dan that no parent would want their child to destroy their life obsessing over their death, but Dan still refuses to help them.

Regardless, Dorai is convinced Sagat is responsible. Chun Li points out that Dan said that Go took his killer's eye, and they decide to start checking hospitals for Sagat, with Dorai saying that if that doesn't work he can try contacting another source that he has. As they talk, the three of them fail to notice a pair of shadow cloaked individuals watching them from inside a nearby parked car.

A bit later, Chun Li and Po Lin are in a hospital where a nurse is leading them to the room of a man they just treated for a "nasty eye injury," but when they get there the window is shattered and the room is empty.

Outside we see Sagat, one eye heavily bandaged, inside a large jeep. He tells the driver to take him back to the gym that is acting as his Hong Kong HQ. Once there, Sagat dons his trademark eye-patch for the first time, then tells his men that they have work to do.

The next day, Dorai is eating a meal inside a nice restaurant and tells the waitress he would like to speak with the chef. She says he normally doesn't see customers while he's working, but Dorai tells her to tell him that his fried rice "is the best in town, but it could still have been a little lighter on the sesame oil." She does so, and returns shortly saying that the chef will see him, and that he said to tell Dorai that he wouldn't know how to season a bowl of instant ramen.

In the kitchen, Dorai says hello to his old friend Gen, but says that he isn't there for the food. "That is what I suspected." Gen replies.


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