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Fei Long is attacked by the yakuza after refusing to bow to their whims, and Cammy's investigation into her origins becomes more mysterious than ever.


We open on Killer Bee murdering her way past several enemy agents. She shuts her eyes for a moment and suddenly she is back, floating in a tank at Shadaloo, with a monsterous, fanged version of M. Bison watching her. A putton is pushed and the tank starts to empty... and Cammy wakes up, sitting upright in her bed.

Cammy immediately calls Colonel Wolfman and tells him that this is the first dream she has ever had, and something about it felt familiar, somehow tied to her past. She says she had the same feeling from the girl they captured last issue. Wolfman says for her to get some sleep, and that MI-6 will get any info they can use out of the girl the next day. Cammy signs off, looking at her facial scar.

Meanwhile at Hong Kong Police Headquarters, Chun-Li is being told by her superior that she has shut down more Shadaloo cells in Hong Kong then the rest of the agents combined, and that is why he is trusting her with this next assignment. He says that Shadaloo has managed to infiltrate the Hong Kong film industry, and that one agent has lost his life looking into this. Before he did, he told the paramedic trying to save him, "Get to Fei Long."

Elsewhere in Hong Kong, Fei Long faces the group of thugs from last issue. They tell him that he was unwise to turn down Ladies Xiayu and Yanyu's offer of a starring role in thier next project. The thugs attack, and Fei Long beats them all. The last one scurries away, telling Fei Long that Xiayu and Yanyu will make him sorry.

At MI-6 Headquarters in London, Cammy examines the Shadaloo prisoners items. Picking up Juli's arm gauntlets, she says that they seem familiar, then asks to see the prisoner.

The agent helping Cammy tells her that they have gotten nothing from her thus far. He says it took a dozen men to subdue her, and she has been quiet since.

As soon as Cammy is left alone in Juli's presence, Juli salutes her. "Agent Satsuki, reporting, Agent Killer Bee!"

Playing along, Cammy discovers that Juli believes her to be her superior, and that her capture in Germany was in order to not blow "Killer Bee's" cover. Juli tells Cammy that Commander Bison took considerable damage in Japan, but thanks to the technology that Cammy procured for an experimental weapon, he is recuperating. She also says the power levels on the weapon itself have already exceeded projections, and will soon surpass the capabilities of every nuclear power in the world. Cammy asks if it is complete, and Juli responds "nearly." Juli tells her that after she assassinated the team of scientists working on the weapon, Shadaloo has worked tirelessly on creating a prototype. The revelation she is responsible for so many murders leaves Cammy shaken.

In Japan, Kei receives a letter from Sakura. Sakura says she is having a blast, training with Ryu in Thailand, then asks her to mail some letters to her parents. It seems that since she knew they would never let her go off and train with Ryu, she told them she was stayin with Kei and Kei's parents in Tobu. Kei is less than pleased to be part of her deception.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, Ryu and Sakura are confronted by Adon. "We meet at last!" He says.


Sakura hurries to school on her bike, when she is suddenly cut off by a limo. Out steps Karin Kanzuki, who tells Sakura they had a rematch scheduled. "AFTER my exams!" Sakura protests, but Karin says she's just stalling because she knows her earlier victory was a fluke, and comes at her. The two of them fight, but once Sakura realizes she's late for class she runs off, leaving behind a furious Karin.



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