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Cammy adjusts to her new life with Delta Red, but in the midst of a high-stakes rescue all may not be what it appears…!


Delta Red, a British Special Forces squad (which includes former Shadaloo Doll Agent "Killer Bee," now called Cammy), is assigned to protect a British Cabinet Minister when MI-6 gets word that a terrorist group plans to kidnap the man. On a train near the French - German border, the terrorists make their move. After a furious gun and melee battle, the Minister remains safe and un-kidnapped, and Delta Red appears victorious, when Cammy notices that the rear car has detached from the rest of the train.

After leaping over to the car, Cammy finds a tied up and gagged man, along with Doll Agent Juli. Juli recognizes Cammy, but before she can say anything more than "You?!" Cammy knocks her cold. She then watches as Juli's transport helicopter flies away, catching sight of the winged skull Shadaloo insignia on the side of the chopper as it does so.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco Ken trains to defeat Akuma in the next Street Fighter Tournament, while Ryu and Sakura travel the world. Ryu seeks a new master who can teach him how to defeat Akuma while simultaneously passing on what he already knows to Sakura.

Later, in London, Cammy converses with fellow Delta Red Agent Lieutenant Matthew McCoy. He tells her that her quick thinking stopped one of the world's top genetic scientists from falling into terrorist hands. He also says that, despite how short of a time she has been with Delta Red, that she has become an indispensible part of the team. In reply, Cammy reveals that she has no memories of who she was prior to waking up in front of the British embassy in Rome (last issue). We then see a flashback of that day, and discover that right after she awoke, the embassy was attacked by a group of armed terrorists, who Cammy defeated by herself and unarmed, just as Delta Red arrived on the scene.

Returning to the present, McCoy says that he has never seen MI-6 as intrigued by someone as they were with Cammy - so intrigued that they were willing to overlook her amnesia and total lack of a past in order to assign her to Delta Red. Cammy says that while her memory remains blank, something about the girl she defeated in the train car momentarily seemed to jar something. Before they can talk further, dinner is served, and Delta Red sits down to eat together, with First Lieutenant Lita Luwanda showing off her skills with a blade by switfly cutting everyone a portion of the roast.

In Hong Kong, Chun Li visits her father's grave, where she performs a KIKOSHO fireball manuever. Guile calls her, and the two of them confirm that their have been no sightings of Bison since their last encounter, suggesting that Charlie's self sacrifice managed to take out the Shadaloo leader. Regardless, Chun Li says that even without Bison, Shadaloo still exists, and that until that changes she won't be done avenging her father. She asks Guile how things are with him, and he responds that he's still working on things. Chun Li wishes him luck and signs off, just as Guile's wife Julia (looking a little perturbed) joins him at the restaurant he is sitting within.

Elsewhere in Hong Kong, famous movie martial artist Fei Long fights off a horde of opponents, but the battle is soon revealed to be a scene being filmed for his latest film. The director wraps for the day, and stops Fei Long before he can walk out the front door, telling him that he's too big of a star to leave by the main entrance, and that he should go out the back way instead. Fei Long does so, but as he leaves he finds himself suddenly surrounded by a large group of toughs, most of them carrying weapons. Smiling, Fei Long goes into a combat stance, quipping: "Autograph hounds..."

Meanwhile, at a Shadaloo base in an undisclosed location, a scientist looks over some readouts before glancing over at the military cap worn by M. Bison. "It's almost time to wake up, sir." He says.


Five years ago, Ken and Ryu train together at Master Gouken's dojo. Ryu scolds Ken for going too fast and rushing into new techniques before he has mastered the old ones. The two begin sparring, Ryu firing off a HADOUKEN fireball, and following up with a TATSUMAKI-SEMPUKYAKU helicopter kick which Ken dodges, but that still manages to slice some of the lengthy hair he had tied back into a ponytail. Angry, Ken counters with a flaming SHORYUKEN Dragon Punch, narrowly missing Ryu, but tearing through his white headband.

Astonished, Ryu says he's never seen a the modified fiery dragon punch and when Ken tells him how it is done, he confesses that he would never have thought of that.

Telling Ryu that martial arts are like any other art, and that everyone has to find their own style, Ken hands Ryu the red headband he had been using to tie back his hair. He says he won't be needing it, and that it can serve as a reminder to Ryu to not take himself too seriously.



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