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Finally, the character everyone has been waiting for: DAN makes his less-than-triumphant first appearance! Oh, and Chun-Li and Guile are almost killed by Shadaloo's newest agent. PLUS! Find out just why Guile owes his life to Charlie in a special back-up featuring art by Kaare Andrews!


With Guile unconscious, Chun-Li is forced to face Charlie, aka Shadaloo Agent Shadow, by herself. Chun-Li lands hit after hit on her opponent, culminating in her TENSHO-KYAKU attack. Agent Shadow remains unfazed through all of it, however, and retailates with a flash kick that succeeds in stunning Chun-Li long enough for him to get his hands on her.

But before he can finish her off, Guile suddenly chucks something at Shadow's head. Shadow catches and examines the object - Charlie Nash's dogtags.

"Weren't you supposed to be more careful with those?" Guile says to Agent Shadow.

Shadow seems to suffer some sort of meltdown, then, repeating the name "Charlie Nash" several times and chucking a sonic boom into the side of a buliding, before finally withdrawing at super speeds.

At Shadaloo headquarters, Bison observes Charlie through the lens of some sort of spy drone, until Charlie notices it and destroys it.

A lackey in a lab coat tell Bison that he fears that Agent Shadow is unsalvageable. Bison asks the lackey if Killer Bee has been located yet, to which the man replies that she has not. Psycho power crackling through the air around him, Bison says that he'll have to deal with Charlie, Guile and Chun-Li himself, then.

Elsewhere, Killer Bee lays on a table, unconscious and surrounded by candles. Rose is there, speaking to her. She says that although Killer Bee has a hole where her soul should be, that recently she has seen that the Shadaloo agent had the potential to become a human being. She says that Killer Bee has more in common with her than she could possibly know and that she is granting her a second chance.

Her finger glowing with mystical energy, Rose presses it against the girl's forehead and declares, "from this day forward, Killer Bee is dead."

In Japan, Sakura has begun trying to find Ryu and, as usual, she is dragging Kei along with her. Her quest brings her to the dojo of one, Dan Hibiki, who claims to be the greatest Shotokan fighter in the world.

When she enters the dojo, Dan asks Sakura if she has come seeking the greatest fighter to ever set foot in a dojo. Sakura replies that, yes, she is - and asks Dan if he knows how she can find Ryu.

Mentioning Ryu's name sends Dan into a tirade about how Ryu and his master kicked him out of their dojo for wanting to use Shotokan to avenge his father.

Kei whispers to Sakura that they should leave, but Dan assures them that there is nothing Ryu can do that he cannot do better. Furthermore, if any student can beat him, than their lessons will be free. After confirming that he means that, Sakura lays Dan out with a series of clumsily effective attacks.

In a nearby hospital, Guile and Chun-Li are released, having been patched up following their fight with Shadow. Guile tells Chun-Li that he can't explain what happened, but that he knows Charlie would die before turning traitor.

Just then, Eliza walks by, and when she recognizes Guile she reveals that she is his sister-in-law, and gets in his face about leaving her sister Julia and their daughter to go running after Charlie.

Guile tells her he has done what he had to do, and that the reason he is there in the first place was because of her friend, Ryu. He asks Eliza what Ryu knows about Shadaloo and whether he could be working for them, and she assures him that they are in the dark regarding Shadaloo, or its intentions.

Meanwhile, Ken arrives at Gouken's dojo, and momentarily panics when he sees the wall Ryu blew apart in his sleep. Seeing that Ryu is okay, and hearing that he caused the damage while having a nightmare, calms him down, and he tells Ryu about Shadaloo's interest in him. Ken then receives a call from Eliza, who puts him on the phone with Guile.

Just then, Sakura and Kei enter the hospital, supporting Dan's weight between them, and Sakura manages to overhear Guile agree to meet Ken and Ryu at the Miyazaki Shrine.

As Eliza is left at the hospital, a doctor approaches her and tells her there is something she should know.

At the dojo, Ken and Ryu are just about to leave for the shrine, when Ryu feels a dark, but familiar fighting spirit nearby, and opens the door to the dojo to reveal the world warrior, Sagat.


Charlie meets with General Brandt, who sends him behind enemy lines to rescue a pilot recently shot down - a pilot whose existence he covered up because he couldn't admit that they had a recon plane in enemy territory. Charlie agrees to the mission, but tells the General that he will never forgive him.

Guile, tied to a post, watches in awe as Charlie enters the enemy camp and tears through soldier after soldier. Cutting him free, Charlie hands Guile his dogtags, and tells him he should really be more careful with them.



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