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    Rodney Weller, the former sidekick known as "the Rottweiler." When his mentor, the Doberman, is murdered, Rodney has to decide if he wants to come back to the world of capes and masks as Stray.

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    Life was normal for Rodney Weller...except for the fact that his father was the her known as The Doberman, like his father before him. When Rodney was around eight years old, his mother, Emily Roth-Weller, was killed in a car accident. The accident was made more tragic when it was discovered that Emily was pregnant at the time. The drove his father, Daniel, into a frenzied state, which affected his ability to fight crime. Forced into a sabbatical, Daniel chose to train Rodney in martial arts and basic criminology. Two years later, the Doberman returned...with a sidekick; the Rottweiler (also nicknamed Rotty).

    Rotty would go on to inspired the first wave of heroes of the modern age, all teenagers. The teens teamed up with Rotty to save Astrea from Dire World and elected him the leader of the TeenAgents, a new team of young heroes. During a routine patrol, the Doberman and Rottweiler (at the age of 15), busted a thief who was robbing a convenience store. The thief claimed that he was stealing to feed his family. Rotty had pity, and tried to convince his father to let him go, but the Doberman disagreed. The disagreement caused a huge rift between father and son, culminating in Rodney quitting. The Doberman would take on another partner a new Rotty (later known as Argos) soon later.

    Rodney, now homeless, turned to drugs. While he would never (i actually, could never) truly get addicted to them, he favored one, gSmack, more than others. A glamorous drug that only the very rich can afford. Rodney lives in a luxury with some of New York City's hippest junkies, but unaware of how far he's fallen. It wasn't until he found out the Doberman was murdered that he would detox and return to crime fighting under the new name, Stray.

    Powers & Weapons

    Stray inherited a hyper-metabolism from his father, The Doberman, but, as mutations are known to do, Rodney's power is even more developed than that of his father's While the Doberman was able to heal from most serious injuries and wounds, Rodney possesses an equilibrium factor that enables him to recover from any injury. What that means is that when Rodney is injured severely, his body shuts down at it's most "even" state and he falls into a semi-comatose state. To the observer, it looks as if he has passed out and is unconscious, but within, his body is repairing the damage.

    He also has emphatic manipulation powers, however, this is at a very low level and seems to tax him when he uses it. Simply put, the angrier he gets, the more he can project. Theoretically, he can project an opposite effect as well, but he's unaware of how this works. The effectiveness this ability has on the target, or targets, depends on the strength of the targets control over their own emotions and the strength of their personalities.

    Stray uses a shortened bo staff called a "bone staff" due to it's appearance. The staff seperates at the center to become two additional weapons; nunchaku or escrima sticks.


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